The Abstracted Transgressions of Bill Jensen

“To err is human but to forgive is divine” – so much for moral rhetoric because when it comes to art, mistakes sometimes give way to artistic brilliance. Last April 9th, AF came to view the paintings of Bill Jensen for his show, Transgressions. His works are more than happy accidents because they are experimental or it may […]

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Horror in Juárez – Brian Maguire at Fergus McCaffrey Gallery

The city of Juárez Mexico has launched a public relations campaign. Heartened by the fact that the city went from the #1 ranked murder capital of the world, just a few years ago, down to #38 these days, the authorities want you to know that “Juárez is waiting for you!” Yep, it’s right over that […]

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Learning How to Repsychle: A Conversation with Vida Sabbaghi

The courtyard of Columbia University is breathtaking on the first warm day in the death knell of a relentless winter. Early April on campus, as you may imagine, fills the courtyard with thousands of Columbia students and creates a scene that has been recreated year after year, dating back decades. This is where Jack Kerouac met […]

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Joan Semmel: Across Five Decades at Alexander Gray Associates

“I had returned from Spain looking for the ‘sexual revolution’ and instead found sexual commercialization that mostly showed female bodies for sale. I wanted to find an erotic visual language that would speak to women. I was convinced that the repression of women began in the sexual arena, and this would need to be addressed […]

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Expressive Color, Subtle Voices at Van Der Plas Gallery

Taking pleasure in examining the spaces we most often inhabit prompted Robert Hughes to once refer to the works of Matisse as the “great indoors”.  A similar theme, if not sentiment, is currently on display at Van Der Plas Gallery with “Interior Conversation,” a selection of work from five painters where warming light sources inhabit […]

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John A. Parks: In New York at Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

With astute observation and a wry wit, the dynamics of New York City’s denizens, streets and landmarks come to life in British artist John A. Park’s new exhibition. It is a joyful celebration of his adopted city.

Parks, who studied at London’s Royal College of Art has been the recipient of both Fulbright and National Endowment […]

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Oluseye: ORI at Gallery 151

Gallery 151 is pleased to announce Ori, the first solo exhibition from Toronto-based visual artist, Oluseye. The term Ori is a Yoruba concept that is literally translated as ‘head’ – the physical attributes including the brain and sensory organs. Ori, the mental faculties (intellect, imagination, memory) Ori, the emotional nucleus (conscience, compassion, attraction and sexuality) […]

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The Transcendental World of Jamie Martinez

At this past Thursday’s gallery opening of artist Jamie Martinez’s solo show “Hunt for Inspiration”, cell phone cameras were out in full force as the weapon of choice in order to really see the work in a truly interactive, energized experience. As the viewer looks at each individual piece of work, expertly curated by Oscar A. Laluyan, […]

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FIGURES AT THE WINDOWS – Verdiana Patacchini in collaboration with GD


Man throughout history, age or culture has considered himself and his role with different artistic trends: realistic, idealizing and expressive. The reproduction of the human body has been one of the first challenges faced by artists, each subject is distinguished by the shape and proportion.

The artist Verdiana Patacchini (AKA Virdi) does not […]

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Private vs. Public: George Lewis’ The Other Within Exhibit

“This is not a woman thing; this is a human thing. Until men soften and see themselves as emotional creatures as well as rational ones, we will continue to be nihilistic.” – George Lewis 

New York City epitomizes the reconciliation of opposites: Rich and poor, dark and light, or high and low. George Lewis re-privileges the […]

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