TO BARE INK: A conversation with artist Ian Bertram by Allen Feldman

Ian Bertram is an artist living and working in New York. He is interested in uncovering the hedonistic and fatalistic nature of man vs. self. By combining precise, meditative mark making, with visceral and sudden actions, he creates mystical, grotesque, and primal portraits of ennui and the strange by way of drawing and painterly techniques.

Ian […]

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From East to West: A Bi-Coastal Dialogue at Zener Schon Contemporary Art

Zener Schon Contemporary Art, Mill Valley, presents From Each to West: A Bi-Coastal Dialogue, an exhibition guest curated by Mateo Mize, featuring eight internationally acclaimed mixed media artists with deep roots individually and collectively in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. The exhibition runs from March 31st to May 17th, 2015. A […]

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“Digital Conditions” at Kunstverein Hannover

Parallel to the CeBIT and the 2015 Hannover Messe, the group exhibition “Digital Conditions” focuses on the interaction between digital technology and art. The Kunstverein Hannover is featuring works that examine digitality as a structural characteristic of present-day reality orare employed as a technical means of production. In what ways do artists appropriate digital technologies […]

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Susan Breen & Margaret Morrison: Both Ways at Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery features Susan Breen and Margaret Morrison in a two-person exhibition heralding Spring. This season, the Artists travel to a location beyond their traditional roads of art. Both Ways connects different aesthetics by traversing varied terrain intimate and expansive, natural and concrete.

Taken collectively, Susan Breen’s paintings represent a dynamic natural world in flux, in […]

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Taboo: Ukiyo-e & The Japanese Tattoo Tradition at Ronin Gallery

Initially, in Japan, tattoos were reserved to mark and identify criminals. Later, apparently, middle class guys who saw woodblock prints of tattoo-covered outlaws had their inner Walter Mitties awakened and began wearing intricate tattoos under their work clothes. It became a sign of silent, private protest against their comfortably crappy lives. They would be tattooed […]

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Focus on Asia Week: The Color of Desire from Floating World Gallery

One of the reasons why the color red is able to arrest our attention so easily is that it tends to appear closer, in psychological tests, than it actually is. It has the longest wave-length of any other perceivable color and perceiving the color red has tangible and measurable effects on the human body. For […]

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Focus on Asia Week: Japanese Screens/Scrolls at Erik Thomsen Gallery

The Erik Thomsen Gallery specializes in Japanese screens and scrolls. Thomsen, himself, was born to Danish parents in Japan, speaks the language fluently, and was the first foreigner to be apprenticed to an art dealer in that country. For Asia Week this gallery focuses on some amazing Taishō and early Shōwa era screens and scrolls.

The […]

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The Copenhagen Interpretation at the Lodge Gallery

Upon entering the Copenhagen Interpretation at the Lodge Gallery on the Lower East Side, the viewer is immediately struck with profound awe in gazing around at the vast variety of artwork on display.  The show is a collection of “18 unique artists who transform the mundane into the fantastical,” as explained by the show’s press […]

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Logan Hicks: Beyond the Bookcase at The Mondrian Hotel

Upon making our way through the Mondrian Hotel in Soho, we first had to wander through a vine encased arched hallway, followed by multiple sets of vaulted ceilings with large chandeliers.  Several foyers deep into the hotel we came upon a bar positioned next to a large revolving bookcase.  The book laden wall opened up […]

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Nothing To Be Ignored at Mike Weiss Gallery

When it comes to subtlety, form and texture then Fernando Mastrangelo most certainly missed NOTHING in encompassing all those ideals with this first solo exhibition that opened last March 12th.  Letting the material shine and the form speak for itself seemed to be the idiom of the day and with the very skilled craftsmanship by this artist, the pieces are […]

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