Regine Schumann Seduces with Black Light Magic

In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness till a lone mighty voice said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”. It can be the command of God or you just paid your utility bill then they switched your power on. Nevertheless, no one wants to be in the dark and most certainly not in the art world. […]

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The City Life in Wide Scan by Adam Magyar

Urban life moves in milliseconds that it is impossible to capture and freeze even for a minute. However, Hungarian born and Berlin based artist, Adam Magyar has perfected bending the conventions of time and distilled images that are captured in perpetuity with his latest show Kontinuum which opened last February 12th. AF came to be […]

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A Premium Over Words at Jim Kempner Fine Art

A penny for your thoughts and a dime for your every word as they say. Last February 12th, there was lots to say at the group exhibition, If These Walls Could Talk, which featured artists that use text as the main component of self -expression. The show includes a selection of prints, photographs, sculpture. and […]

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Record Review: RUDRESH MAHANTHAPPA – Bird Calls

Alto saxophonist and composer, Rudresh Mahanthappa can pinpoint his musical transformation to when — with the ears of an elementary schoolboy — he first heard a recording of alto bop great, Charlie “Yardbird” Parker. Quite some decades later, in an offering of gratitude and admiration, Rudresh composed and produced Bird Calls (ACT), a musical love […]

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2015 USSEA Regional Conference

Join the United States Society for Education through Art (USSEA) at the Queens Museum in New York at USSEA’s Regional Conference, July 17-19, 2015. Registration and proposal submissions are now available on the USSEA website: USSEA has partnered with the traveling arts project, An Inclusive World, an exhibition of art by artists of diverse […]

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The art project Bridges to Bridges opens in Dumbo

Bridges are symbolic in the way they connect territories that are apart or disassociated, so when I got an invite about the public art project called “Bridges to Bridges” I looked forward to seeing the work. The show is currently on display at The Bridges restaurant in Dumbo and features the art of James Frederic, […]

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The Left Front: Radical Art 1929-1940, at Grey Art Gallery, NYU

Chinese artists are soon going to be required to spend one month living among poor Chinese farmers in rural villages. The rationale of the Chinese Communist Party is that it does not want Chinese artists to succumb to what it sees as the predominant Western orientation toward art production – divorce art from all real […]

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Thomas Walther and the Birth of a New World

Something happened to photography in the early years of the 20th Century to transform it from a science to an art, and if you want to see that something, it’s currently on display at MoMA’s exhibit “Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection 1909-1949.” Walther, a German photographer who moved to New York in 1977 […]

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Interview with Allison Galgiani Director at The Rema Hort Mann Foundation

About the Rema Hort Mann Foundation (from their website)

The Rema Hort Mann Foundation was created in September 1995 by friends and family of Rema Hort Mann to honor her joyful and vivacious life after her untimely death from stomach cancer at age 30.

The Foundation was born around a kitchen table with the intent to celebrate […]

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Eric Holzman at Lori Bookstein Fine Art

The weathering process is the first thing that grabbed me about Eric Holzman’s amazing new landscape paintings at Lori Bookstein Fine Art.  Holzman literally adds types of dirt, sand and dust to his paints and this achieves a really arresting effect on the viewer. These oil paintings initially reminded me a bit of some of […]

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