Rodolfo Edwards and Robin Tedesco at Reverol & Co. Contemporary Art

Reverol & Co. Contemporary Art is proud to present the works of two outstanding artists who come to us with an eclectic artistic background, shaped by their visions of the world they both live in, honed by their cultural backgrounds and interests, and defined by presenting their unique perspectives in the context of their places […]

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Featured Artist: Carla Berger

FEMALE FRAGMENTS…I paint with my camera. My goal is to reveal the abstract nature of found, urban images. Those that have been created by layers of torn posters, bits and pieces of photos, advertisement and graffiti rearranged and transformed by time. I search through the chaotic universe to find female images and sensual data that […]

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Jennifer Delilah Talks NY Cock Exchange, Google Glass & The JFK Assassination

Jennifer Delilah is a provocative fine artist whose works like “The New York Cock Exchange” have ironically attracted stockbrokers, investors in large scale business acquisitions, and CEOs of multinational corporations.  Her early childhood experiences in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement have formed the basis for her subject matter, which challenges ideas of race, […]

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Barbara Macfarlane: Mapping

Rebecca Hossack Gallery is proud to present Barbara Macfarlane: Mapping, a solo show featuring works by British painter Barbara Macfarlane. Capturing the essence and drama of wide-open spaces, Macfarlane has become widely known for her abstract seascapes. Macfarlane’s newest body of work moves inland, playing with the perspective, interpretation and mapping of cities such as […]

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Featured Artist Michael Divine

Michael Divine is part of a wave of creative visionaries who draw their inspiration not just from art theory and intellectual ideas but also from the basic principles of what it is to lead a healthy and vibrant life. His spirited and vivacious artwork falls in step with a long tradition of artists who base […]

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“New York City 25 years in the future” top 150 entries at Rush Gallery

Curate NYC had its opening for the top 150 entries, out of 1900 submissions, for the show “Imagine New York City 25 years in the Future”.  Rush Gallery was nice enough to host the event in Chelsea which was fully packed all the way until the end of the opening.

“What will the future bring?” was […]

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Exhibition Dates:  November 15 – December 20, 2013

The NYOC Gallery is pleased to announce Metaphorically Speaking, a solo exhibition of Judith Ostrowitz’s works on Plexiglas and paper. This exhibition will run from November 15 – December 20, 2013 with an opening reception on Friday, November 15th from 6-8:00 p.m.

Judith Ostrowitz’s body of work synthesizes the […]

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“Independence Night” at Vector Gallery

What separates symbolic power from power itself?  What about the symbols of a nation, which is itself a symbol of symbolic power?  JJ Brine, artist-in-residence at VECTOR Gallery is poised to confound the most erudite of political theorists and the most jaundiced of art critics with his declaration of the sovereignty of “The Satanic State of VECTOR”, the world’s first gallery-nation. […]

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KALIPTUS: Visions of the Transpersonal

So in the last year or so, Kaliptus has been further mastering his execution of geometric forms, symmetry and organics with acrylics on canvas. Taking his knowledge of lighting from the last few years of using 3d softwares such as Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, C4D, etc.. he now paints out a world entirely from his head with the […]

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“Now We Here” opening celebration at Con Artist

Last Friday we celebrated “Now We Here,” the Con Artist Grand opening party. Well, grand expansion party. Con Artist is still underground, but they added a street-level store-front gallery and workspace on top of that. The new space futures linkable rolling tables, a computer loft, and a sound-proofed meeting/recording pod.

The party itself was pretty magnificent. There […]

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