Solstice Synergy at Mahlstedt Gallery until Feb 7th

New Rochelle, New York━The Mahlstedt Gallery is proud to present Solstice Synergy, a group exhibition featuring paintings and sculptural works by artists working in the greater New York Tri-state area, including Eric Hibit, Osamu Kobayashi, Tang-Wei Hsu, Tom Costa, Tom Smith, and Vince Contarino.

In both modern and ancient cultures, solstices are acknowledged and celebrated in […]

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Jef Campion – An Army of One that Spread Joy and Inspiration

I was first introduced to Jef Campion, aka Army of One, in 2011 while hunting NYC streets for curbside masterpieces to document through photography. My friend and I walked down Freeman Alley and we were surrounded by a sea of beautiful street art – one of which was Jef Campion’s interpretation of Diane Arbus’ photograph […]

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PICTURE THIS: A Jolt to the System by Murat Pulat

Living your life in a movie can mean you have to wake up and smell the coffee then face reality. Well, how about perking up to the oil paintings of Turkish artist Murat Pulat for his first solo show Image-Animal at Leila Heller Gallery that opened last January 16th.  AF marveled at the rich and textured paintings of movie scenes […]

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The Stars Come Out on Art Night

Any die hard art fan and gallery trooper anticipates a monumental or magical night every Thursday because that is the high holy day of their entire week. That is when they get to pay reverence to the hallowed halls of their gallery of choice and perhaps warm in the glow of the people with the brilliance of […]

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Theo A. Rosenblum: A Lovely Death at the Gallery

Vito Schnabel’s private exhibition space in the West Village was the place to be last Thursday, where a number of recognizable faces joined the colorful crowd at Theo A. Rosenblum’s third solo exhibit with Schnabel, Predator. In attendance were Vito Schnabel hosting the night, artists such as Alex Katz & Dan Colen, and the illustrious Jeffrey Deitch, who the AF crew got the chance […]

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Sue Williams: Dreams and Thoughts Beyond the Couch

303 Gallery opened its ninth exhibition of Sue Williams’ work, “WTC, WWIII, Couch Size,” this past Thursday., January 16th The show was full of bright colors reaching across large canvases all around the gallery. 

Williams’ canvases were a complex blur of colors, ranging from your basic primary and secondary colors to vibrant, Lisa-Frank-level, highlighter colors. All this color together […]

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PICTURE THIS: The Divine Structures of Jeff Landman

If you build it, they will come and boy did the art folks showed up for the first solo exhibition of British born but now based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn artist – Jeff Landman – for Working on a Building last January 16th. AF came into the space of Tracy Williams, Ltd. to find all his sculptural installations perfectly […]

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One of the most engaging kinds of art is art that sets up an emotional dialogue with the viewer. If that art also is created with technical virtuosity and comes from the heart then you have art that you owe it to yourself to go see.
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Brooklyn Artists #SELLOUT in 5-Day Exhibition

Most artists have been told that they should create art for art’s sake and not for profit. This show was put together with the intention to challenge that conventional wisdom. This exhibition champions the belief that artists should be compensated and recognized for the work they do. Artists have to pay their bills like anyone […]

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Eager for Allison Schulnik at ZieherSmith

ZieherSmith gallery was buzzing with conversation and life when we walked in between the two live sets commissioned to accompany Allison Schulnik’s latest stop-motion claymation film, Eager. The artist had a strong presence at the opening, moving about the room throughout the night, speaking with a number of guests and fielding all sorts of questions. (For instance, I […]

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