PHOTO STORY: Benefit for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at The Lodge Gallery curated by Johnny Leo

With an opening reception on Thursday, March 27th from 6-9pm, in conjunction with the iconic Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for the 118th Boston Marathon, curator Johnny Leo of Fountain Art Fair and The Lodge Gallery presented artwork from over 30 of today’s hottest street and contemporary artists. Proceeds will benefit the Claudia Barr Program, furthering their […]

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Wine is God, Pork is Tuscany: La Dolce Vita photos by Sean Campbell at Kava Cafe

In Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Marcelo lives the sweet life of a celebrity journalist while occasionally covering stories of simple religious faith among the ‘’common” people.  Marcelo, however, finds flaws in both the literalist religion that surrounds him in Rome and the secular hedonism that he continually indulges in. He is unable to find a […]

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The Second Annual Group Show in Long Island City, Queens

When was the last time you saw a really good photographic print? I am not just talking about a decent image; I mean a great print of that image. My guess is you probably have not seen one in a while, at least not on a gallery wall in Chelsea (with some exceptions).

But, take the […]

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Cruel and beautiful by CHANG jia at Doosan Gallery

CHANG jia deliberately tries to make the viewers of her work feel uncomfortable.  For example, she once did a video where you see a jolly looking woman being hit continually in the head with eggs.  Periodically a man shoves her in the head, grabs her hair, yanks it, messes it up, and shoves her around […]

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Come and Dream at Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn

Last Friday, I headed to Greenwood Heights Brooklyn for the opening of “We Came as Dreamers” by Olya Turcihin, hosted by Lisa Ellex in her performance art space. After getting lost, I arrived late and was very excited to see her new work. The space is great; it has three separate rooms: The front room […]

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Eva Berendes: Time to Breathe in Spring / Summer

The brutal winter has left many wanting for something ebullient and light to counter all the heaviness. It just so happens that this show title gave us the promise and the actuality at CRG Gallery last March 20th for the opening of Berlin based artist, Eva Berendes, with her solo exhibition entitled Spring / Summer. 

Quite informed on the […]

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PICTURE THIS: Primordial Delights by Gene Mann

Ever since the discovery of the cave paintings at Lascaux that man’s first yearnings to express were manifested. AF came to the primordial figurative abstracts and mixed-media work of French-Swiss artist, Gene Mann, for her first solo in America opened last March 20th. The dynamic energy and forms that emerged from the work burst forth an […]

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Interview with curator Gregory de la Haba about Joann Gedney at Rox Gallery

Gregory de la Haba is a curator and artist based out of New York City. He curated Magnificent Obsession: The Early Paintings of Abstract Expressionist Painter Joann Gedney, 1948-1963, presented by IFAC and on view at Rox Gallery in the Lower East Side. Lucky enough, I got a chance to talk to Gregory about the […]

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Reconstructing the Universe offers a chronological timeline of Italian Futurism from it’s beginnings in 1909 until it’s downfall around the end of World War II. From the 300 works being displayed you can take a walk through time and explore painting, sculpture, design, ceramics, fashion, film photography, poetry and so many other mediums of expression. Each work shows the evolution of the Italian Futurism movement explicitly.
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The Harmfully Active and Helplessly Receptive: Paperweight by Lin Yan at Gallery Fou

“Fou” is the Chinese term for “denial.”  In their press literature Echo He and Jessie Yang mention that they created Gallery Fou, and chose the name of the gallery, as a ‘denial’ of the mainstream gallery format or formula.  Both are NYU Arts Administration grads who have taken a Brooklyn apartment and converted part of […]

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