Family Affairs: an incestuous avant-garde survey of art at IFAC

IFAC Headquarters at The Yard is currently showing Family Affairs: an incestuous avant-garde survey of art featuring a wide array of work by modern and contemporary masters juxtaposed alongside new and re-emerging artists championed by the consortium. With a strong focus on painting, the circles of influence are wide and far reaching yet centered around our city home: in the immigrant […]

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Separation Anxiety at WALLPLAY Curated by Lee Wells & Laura O’Reilly

Wallplay and IFAC are proud to present Separation Anxiety, an ongoing campaign of collaborative exhibitions that discuss art and the fine line which bridges technology and society in the super-modern age. Affirming itself as a juggernaut, Separation Anxiety is the exhibition that never ends.
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PICTURE THIS: Marcus Jansen – The Future is Now

Serendipity happens rarely but when it does, the thrill and indulgence can be paramount. Walking down the gallery row of Orchard Street, AF came upon an opening and it was arresting enough at the front window where a baby doll is caught in a trance in front of a TV set. “You must go inside”, […]

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The Softer Side of Fear by Shony Rivnay

What is your everyday reality when you have 200 missiles aimed around you and ready to be deployed at any moment? This is but one of the questions touched on by Israeli artist, Shony Rivnay, for his exhibition Soft Corps that opened last March 4th. Consisting of paintings, photography, video and sculptures that Rivnay just shed a more […]

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Current Work of Xie Xiaoze at Chambers Fine Art

In his current show at Chambers Fine Art, Xie Xiaoze seems to combine two major trends in contemporary art. He seems to combine super-realist tendencies with tendencies to incorporate text or textual materials into visual art pieces.

In his “Both Sides Now” series, Xie Xiaoze paints newspaper front pages in which you can see the ink […]

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Gallery Walk on L.E.S for Armory Week

Jeffrey Gibson (Feb 23 – March 23) and Sam Jinks (March 8 – March 23) at Marc Straus 

Jeffrey Gibson’s paintings and sculptures are inspired by the traditional craft and modern arts of Native American cultures. His sense of pride and desire to reclaim ownership of these histories counter the potentially negative connotations of craft that have […]

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PICTURE THIS: Get Jolted Again at VOLTA NY

Back in its SOHO digs on Mercer Street, VOLTA NY with its mostly solo artist shown by its participating galleries electrified and the wattage blew out a spectacular outing this year. Everyone came to see what is the crème de la crème for the galleries to single out or at least see the work in […]

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A Photographer’s Tour: Fountain Art Fair 2014

The Fountain Art Fair 2014 was like coming home for me this year. I started going to the Fountain Art Fair since 2010, when it was originally housed in a boat docked on Pier 66 in Chelsea, floating on the Hudson River. The feeling of community and down home fun has not changed since those […]

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Back for its second edition and it is better than ever. The (UN)FAIR presents art in a very cool setting with the raw space and turn of the century building that it made you feel you are on the left bank of Paris. Going to this satellite fair only a few blocks away from the […]

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AF Recommends Peter Campus: dredgers

This is Video Art that is aesthetically a beautiful landscape of forms, which can leave you arrested on your tracks. Tierney Gardarin is pleased to present videos from Peter Campus  for his solo exhibition dredgers. The pixilated world are informed studies of what can be paintings with its pop of colors and stacks of shapes suggesting an idyllic […]

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