Different Markets for Contemporary Art

Different Markets

Your Local Art World:

Every town has an art world, and these smaller more localized worlds form the biggest segment of the art market. This includes your local frame shop, the exhibitions in your library, and the local college museum, etc. Local museums and libraries tend to show original art such as paintings, photographs, and […]

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Art Basel Week Kicks Off:  Visionary Artist Martin Kreloff Draws Cultural Champions Together to Proclaim “ART!” at The Mayfair Hotel Miami

On day one of Art Basel week, Miami’s arts leaders gathered at the Mayfair Hotel for the opening reception of “Miami Says Art-2” to celebrate the cultural trailblazers who helped transform this city into a […]

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AF: I am intrigued as to when your interest within the arts began and how this interest blossomed?

KH: I have always been living inside of my own head, inside of my own imagination.  Even as a child, the outlet of expression was very valuable to me.  I used to draw patterns with rulers, loved finger […]

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“Suddenly, There: Discovery of the Find” Group show at Garis & Hahn Gallery

I headed out to the Bowery to see “Suddenly, There: Discovery of the Find” at Garis & Hahn Gallery this past Tuesday. The incessant drizzle of rain, propelled me, and then suddenly, I was there. Art greeted me as I walked over the floor of the gallery. Careful not to step on artist/curator, Tamas Veszi’s video […]

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Through a partnership between the DOT’s Urban Art Program, landlord Two Trees Management, the Dumbo BID, and Jonathan LeVine Gallery, the area below the BQE near York Street in DUMBO has been graced by eight colorful murals. Artists include CAM, MOMO, Stefan Sagmeister and Yuko Shizimu, as well as,  DALeast, Eltono, Shepard Fairey and Faith47 who are presented by the Wooster Collective.
Next time […]

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Opening night at Artion Gallery

Last Tuesday November 19th Artion Gallery finally opened downtown after being a victim of Hurricane Sandy over a year ago. The name of the inaugural group show is Salon Des Refusés, which is French for “Exhibition of Rejects,” and originally refers to the Salon des Refuses of 1863 which showed work by artists who had been rejected by the Paris Salon. […]

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William Bradley: Tall Order and In Full Color

“I’m no good of being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problem of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.” – Rick from Casablanca (1942)

That memorable quote from a classic movie can easily translate to what people say of the art world that it don’t […]

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PICTURE THIS: Every Which Way on Sunday by Damian Stamer

If you build it, they will come. But how about if you wreck it or rather let it fall apart, will they still come? Of course they will and last November 21st that AF came to see the latest works of Damian Stamer for his show, Sundays. Fifty shades of grayscale-tinged oil on panel pieces seemed to be an […]

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PICTURE THIS: Masks On at P.P.O.W. for Dotty Attie

The fascination and mystique of the masked figure can be heroic, mysterious, ominous or ridiculous. AF wanted to unmask and get to the reveal at the ninth solo exhibition of the artist, Dotty Attie, for the opening reception of her show The Lone Ranger last November 21st. The multi-panel works in the signature black, white, grey and flesh […]

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AF Recommends Saad Qureshi at Aicon Gallery

There is a growing trend and the winds seem to be rising in the east, well, Middle East. A cadre of young and fresh talent from the Crescent Moon and Star have begun emerging into making bold marks in the world of contemporary art. On a recent day stroll around the Bowery area, I came […]

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