An Approximation of Emotions by Nicola Hicks

It is said that humans at times convey animalistic traits based on certain emotions. We are creatures of complexity and British sculptor Nicola Hicks presented her series of work that explore this subject with her solo show at FLOWERS New York. AF attended the opening last November 16th then perused the textured and emotive three-dimensional wonders created by […]

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The Artful Mode of Renoma at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery

It has always been a thin gossamer veil when art and fashion cross or mingle into a full-fledged phenomenon. Tearing through that veil is renowned Paris photographer, Maurice RENOMA, presenting his latest photographs for his solo exhibition MODOGRAPHE (fashionographer). This mash up of terms is solidly supported by images that are avant-garde, clever, insouciant, and sensual  – visually a […]

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PICTURE THIS: Nice to See Some Color at Tazza Gallery

Technicolor magic and prismatic orgasmic –  that is what we walked into at Tazza Gallery last November 14th for the opening of Marco Santaniello for his solo show Nice To Meet You. The Pantone vibrant hues and trapezoid shapes “popped” at the backgrounds for such colorful icons like David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Warhol, and even Ronald McDonald, which gave it a […]

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PICTURE THIS: The New Kingdom by Seb Janiak at Fred Torres Gallery

At the new space of Fred Torres on West 28th Street, AF attended to view the magnificent C-Print images by Seb Janiak for his show The Kingdom, which opened last November 14th.  Fred Torres shared his excitement of taking on a much smaller space than his previous one on 29th Street by showing really ultra edited and curated art shows. What […]

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Tugboats To My Heart

It feels like a memory, something I passed along the way perhaps, maybe in the city or the country but that’s how I feel when experiencing Kathryn Lynch’s art. I have followed Kathryn Lynch’s work for many years now and when I am in a space with her paintings, I feel like I’m home. I […]

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A couple of questions for Artist Abdullah Qandeel

The art scene of Manhattan was invited to celebrate the newest exhibition ‘OPEN VERSUS CLOSED’ by Saudi artist, Abdullah Qandeel. The exclusive exhibition was held at the highest viewpoints in New York City, the prestigious 50 Million Dollars Penthouse of the Trump Soho Hotel. The raw space which is soon-to-be one of the most luxurious […]

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Mark Kostabi: How to become a successful artist in New York

Written by Alessandro Berni |

We met Mark Kostabi, the superstar artist behind Pop Art, in his New York studio. There we asked him to reveal the truth about achieving success as an artist, and to find out if it’s true that all you need to do to be a successful artist is to […]

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PICTURE THIS: Get to a Happy Place by Grazi at ArtNowNY

When going to your happy place you think of rainbows, butterflies flitting over a field of flowers and where it’s fuzzy cozy. Last November 7th, AF came to the solo exhibition of Joseph Grazi at ArtNowNY where the Happy Place is made up of bat wings, cat skeletons, and monkey skulls. The artist casually greeted guests and said, “Get […]

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PICTURE THIS: Noah Becker’s Sense of Self @ The Lodge Gallery

This is the generation where taking a “selfie” (camera phone shots of yourself) is as ubiquitous as finding a Starbuck’s in every street corner. AF came to the self portraits and work of Noah Becker at The Lodge Gallery last November 7th. Rebooting art history time lines by his collage like self portraits where the artist is […]

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AF Recommends “Handle with Care” at Anna Zorina Gallery

Though it had opened a few weeks back, this was a quick pit stop on the way to another show but somehow this one stuck around. It is the mixed media work of the artist, Alexander Kaletski, that the clever take on the phrase “Handle with Care” gets a whole new treatment. His paintings are done to integrate seamlessly and with wry gravitas on cardboard boxes that may contain those recognizable words.
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