Shapes: A Solo show by l’ATLAS at Catherine Ahnell Gallery

“Are you an anarchist?”

“I am an artist,” says post-graffiti pioneer Jules Dedet Granel, or l’Atlas, who appeared at the launch of his first NY solo exhibition at Catherine Ahnell Gallery on May 15th.  Geometrically hypnotic spectacles that alluded to architecture and street writing, his work muddles the private and public spheres—safety with rebellion.

“So I’m coming from […]

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A Radiant Life That Will Shine On: Rene Ricard (1946-2014)

Rene Ricard: When I speak nobody believes me, but when I write it down everybody knows it to be true. – quote from the movie, Basquiat (1996) 

Rain came down on the day for the memorial service of Rene Ricard, which AF attended via invite by Vito Schnabel and held at the Synagogue on Eldridge Street. […]

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Interview with Jason Patrick Voegele From The Lodge Gallery

Can you tell us about your background and how you ended up at The Lodge Gallery?

I’m an American citizen but I grew up in South East Asia. Hong Kong and then Taiwan and Singapore respectively. In 1991 I graduated from Taipei American School and came to New York to become the next big thing like […]

Game over! Chaos on Roosevelt Island curated by Yue Su and Tianqi Chen

As Yue Su was finishing her Masters’ thesis (comparing and contrasting gallery models in China and the USA), she was also in the process of clearing out her apartment, with her roommate Tianqi Chen, for their near-future move.  As the living room became more and more sparse an idea began to form.  When they met […]

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Joel Frahm Trio at Smalls Jazz Club April 18, 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since SMALLS opened the crypt to some of the finest talent in town.  I clearly recall my first visit when I brought along a six-pack and a friend.  I’ve since lost track of the friend but the memory of that first night is vivid still: the dark […]

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Gildersleeve Going Elsewhere and Taking You There

A sense of place and orientation gives reassurance but in the landscape of art – chaos takes you further. Last May 15th at Asya Geisberg Gallery that Allison Gildersleeve featured her latest painting series for her show Elsewhere. AF came to the show and in the abstract twisted world of the artist, they allowed themselves to get lost willingly or […]

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PICTURE THIS: Heinecken & Zobernig at Petzel

No it is not a brand of imported beer or an Indie Band debuting in Chelsea. They are two artists who had their opening receptions at Petzel Gallery last May 15th. Heimo Zobernig featured paintings with sculpture installations dotting the space to create a very conceptual cornucopia that everyone feasted on. Robert Heinecken presented works based on multiples of […]

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PICTURE THIS: Establishing Horizons at Yossi Milo

Last May 15th, art photography lovers came to delight in the works of Sze Tsung Leong for Horizons.  With the countless combinations of various places in the world, Leong unified diptych, triptych or groups of images all connected by the distinct horizon line it shared. A desert plain makes sense next to an ice tundra all because of the carefully […]

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Explosive and Nurturing: Miller & Shellabarger at the Chicago Cultural Center

In a previous piece Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger (husband/husband) dug two graves, next to each other, with an underground opening allowing them to join hands while lying apart from each other in these dirt holes.  Their work, in general, seems to be about the desire for selfless and eternal union (on a personal and […]

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The Frieze Art Fair 2014 in Pictures

Last May 10th, our talented ARTE F– USE photographers took the East River Ferry and came to Randall’s Island to peruse the art and have oodles of fun. Their brilliant shots of the fair captured the fantastical, sublimely technical and playful spirit of Frieze Art Fair 2014. If their images made you sigh then say, […]

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