Franklin Evans Super Sized Pastiche Royale

The studio is where it’s at – that’s ground zero where the artist’s thought process and experimentation explode into fruition. Now what if you take that investigation into the gallery interior and set it free all over? AF walked into the solo exhibition of Franklin Evans for paintingassupermodellast June 5th to witness the full color explosion come […]

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PICTURE THIS: Enjoy The Silence of Peter Martensen

The still and silent oil on canvas brilliance from Danish artist, Peter Martensen, for his first important New York solo show last June 5th entitled The Power of Silence spoke volumes.  His white lab coated figures in various states of chaotic scenes of gathering strewn papers in beautiful landscapes could be a movie without sound yet palpable in […]

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PICTURE THIS: Drone Together at Metro Pictures

When you are awash in a world of vibrant color, it is most refreshing to go back to the basic stark graphic beauty of black lines on a white surface. AF came to the black-white image fiesta of Louise Lawler for No Drones last June 5th. The large-scale images are traced from her iconic photographs, printed on […]

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7th Annual Red Hook Jazz Festival

The tiny meadow across from Red Hook Terminal is the site of this year’s Annual Red Hook Jazz Festival.  For the seventh year, James Keepnews and Mike Golub have assembled a roster of top shelf personnel making up six different bands, all original and exciting.
Sunday, June 8th was just part one of the two-day festival ending […]

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Engaging Suffering: Philippe Pasqua at UNIX Gallery

According to Mary Anne Staniszewski’s book Believing Is Seeing, “art”, as we view it, did not start developing until around the time of the French Revolution.  She argues that the rise of a middle class art market freed the artist to develop his/her own themes and concepts.  Instead of a few patrons describing the work […]

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The Extensions of the Human Being

The international art contest Call for Bushwick 2014 has closed its doors this past Sunday after a thrilling three days exhibition. In its second edition the five jurors of Call for Bushwick (Michela Bondardo, Holly Crawford, Jill Conner, Alison Pierz, and Vida Sabbaghi) selected 25 artists from a pool of more than 500 applicants. The […]

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Two artists’ perceptions of nature at separate gallery shows

Two exhibitions that are currently on display at two different gallery spaces in the same building both offer alluring representations of the world around us and how our natural habitats appear during different times of the day and different times of the year.

Arthur Levine presents an exquisite collection of acrylic paintings and drawings for his Landscapes and […]

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Photo Story: Pop-Up Gallery For LAIO Art

A lively crowd joined New York-based activist designer Tatiana Pagés to kick off and celebrate her unique and socially conscious public art project that will be running as a pop up gallery through June 11th, Thomas Schutte, President of Pratt Institute, even stopped by to show his support!

LAIO is a handcrafted collection of sustainable jewelry […]

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Welcome To The “Reel” World with Bobby Andishmand

Early April, Take Two Film Festival took over the cinema glitterati of NYC. Prior to that, I met one of its key movers and shakers, producer Bobby Andishmand who stopped me at the hallway of The Norwood on Valentine’s Day. He recognized me from the AF website and we eventually started bumping into one another […]

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Armando Marino: New Paintings After The Long Winter at Thomas Jaeckel Gallery

Composing a whimsical wintry mash up of abstract and figurative art to provide us all a rather philosophical light on the freedom of art, no matter what eye the perspective is derived from. “A work of art doesn’t have to be explained. If you do not have any feeling about this, I cannot explain it to you. If […]

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