Strange Loop Celebrates 2 Infinity and Beyond

Our heartiest congratulations to this unique art space and creative hub in the gritty bosom of the Lower East Side – to its founders, fashion designer Claire Fleury and artist/photographer Alesia Exum. Together they created this special venue and one of my favorites to review. Last year, their show ANTHEM: A Song of Celebration in […]

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PICTURE THIS: Du Diligence at CANADA Gallery

Another great addition to the periphery of the Bowery area is this gallery on Broome Street, which is CANADA Gallery. They held an opening reception for the solo show of Anke Weyer for Du last December 19th. Featuring large canvasses of color rich swaths beyond gestural abstraction, the visual punch really pepped up the new location’s interior. What can […]

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Paul Loya Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition, This Place Is Nowhere.

This Place Is Nowhere, which features the works of artists Gordon Holden, Schoph and Corey Smith, brings together three artists who take a serious (or not so serious) look at the society that surrounds us. In a “selfie”-saturated world, these artists create works that are provocative and often satirical or sarcastic remarks on pop-culture and […]

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Featured Artist: Brian P. Matheny

Artist Statement

The paintings explore a self-imposed ambiguity, angst without glamour, doubting barrenness, historical and symbolic endeavors to identify man’s ineptitude. A culture’s final ruse. The paintings grimace with dissonance and a foreboding distinctiveness. Deprived faculties to emotional recourse become characterized by a genuineness, one obscured by modern/now/consumption/fame/fragmented/no more questions/…a life of nauseating, replicating, and anticipating […]

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Synthesis at Bottleneck Gallery curated by Justin De Demko

There is nothing I love more than discovering unfamiliar Galleries and seeing new work by artists I am familiar with. Last Friday night, I headed to Brooklyn’s Bottleneck Gallery for the opening of Synthesis; curated by Justin De Demko, featuring the work of Kimyon Huggins, Matt Jones and Jordan Betten. 

I recently interviewed Kimyon Huggins in his Brooklyn studio and fell in […]

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A Photographer’s Tour: Robert Mapplethorpe and Slater Bradley

Two shows in one gallery space is really indulgent with: Saints and Sinners: ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE and The Point Beyond the Tree: SLATER BRADLEY.

I was truly excited to have an opportunity to see both Mapplethorpe and Bradley together in the same space that if fueled rapt anticipation as I looked forward to attending  these two shows at Sean Kelly Gallery.

Walking through the […]

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PICTURE THIS: Multi-Tracking with Ingrid Calame

One never put the brakes on art but sometimes you got to pull the lever then leave some skid marks or in the case of California based artistIngrid Calame, it is best to show them Tracks.  Last December 12th, AF walked into two massive works of pounce wall drawings in the interiors of James Cohan Gallery. Employing […]

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Julie Cockburn: Exposed and Revelatory

“Vulnerability is basically uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” – Brene Brown

Art is always a risk of exposing the skill set or psyche of an artist. However, that is a risk that most artists take and Julie Cockburn dove off the ledge to successfully show hand altered photographs with her latest show Slight Exposure that opened last December 12th. AF […]

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Hands Across the Ocean: Art Britannia Rules at Art Basel Week Miami

On View through Dec. 21 

During Art Basel weekend we stumbled upon a hidden gem in the Design District on North Miami Avenue called Art Britannia which featured some forty artists representing the best of Contemporary British art.

A labor of love for curator Ben Austin (from London) and producer Karelle Levy (based in Miami), well over […]

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Different Markets for Contemporary Art

Different Markets

Your Local Art World:

Every town has an art world, and these smaller more localized worlds form the biggest segment of the art market. This includes your local frame shop, the exhibitions in your library, and the local college museum, etc. Local museums and libraries tend to show original art such as paintings, photographs, and […]

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