The art of Vesna Vrdoljak

I describe my collage work as simple and stylish. I always work analogue-style, using old and new magazines, old photos and random pieces of paper I happen to come across.
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Magical Thinking in the Upper East Side

We’ve been covering art shows for a couple of years now and once in a while we enjoy going to an area that we haven’t explored. Last Friday, Arte Fuse went to the Upper East Side to attend the opening of Magical Thinking at Gallery Rene Mele located on East 75th street. I enjoyed the walk down the […]

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PICTURE THIS: Upper East Side Summer Art Festival at Waterfall Mansion by Kateshin Gallery

AF coined “the gritty bosom” for the Lower East Side and now we ended up last June 12th at “the exquisitely exfoliated cleavage” of the Upper East Side for Summer Art Festival 2014 held at the $65 million Waterfall Gallery and Mansion. All floors were filled with established and emerging artists that showed technical prowess in line with artistic might. […]

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Thomas Campbell: And It’s A Gourd Thing!

Jack of all trades and master of FUN – that should be a great description of what this artist does and for his first solo show with the gallery, well, it sure is a variety of works and the hits just kept on coming. AF came to the opening of Thomas Campbell for Ampersand and he showed paintings and […]

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PICTURE THIS: Haunting and Beautiful Secrets

The quick glance of something familiar and fear that builds knowing it’s something else. Those are the idioms and conventions that the artist Alison Brady has tried to convey with the images in her photography.  AF came to the opening of what should remain secret last June 12th and found scenes captured by this artist are very revelatory of our […]

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The Art of Richard D. York

My paintings are intended as a locus for the exploration of visual sensation and a mindful state of being. They operate as provocative invitations for the viewer to go past their minds normal conceptions, yet maintain their own relationship to mindfulness and looking. I have a studied experimental mode of work; it is not aimed at perfection, but rather discovery.
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The Art of Elena Zolotnitsky

“Beauty always offers its own form of seduction” — Elizabeth George

Beauty is my inspiration. My goal is to combine the ultimate search for the ideal with the personal emotional rebirth. My art making practice embraces the painting tradition I was trained in while scratching to break out of it. Painting surface, luscious and seductive, is […]

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Fuzzy Geometry by Sydney Blum at Kim Foster Gallery

As a possible descendant of Carl Friedrich Gauss (the Prince of Mathematicians, the inventor of non-Euclidean geometry and the creator of a 17-sided polygon – this was once big news in the field of geometry), I was compelled to see the show of work by Sydney Blum, at Kim Foster Gallery, called ‘Fuzzy Geometry.’

Fuzzy Geometry […]

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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, Too:

At Clearing Gallery, off the Morgan stop in Bushwick, geographically diverse artists are put together in one show.  The show, called The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, Too, mounts sculpture onto walls and tests the limits of materials while resisting pictorial language to fabricate a dreamscape.

Untitled (Peep Hole) by Harold Ancart literally offers a peek […]

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PICTURE THIS: It’s The Season To Get Busy at The Lodge Gallery

You and me – we’re nothing but mammals, that’s why we do it like they do it in Discovery Channel. Well, if you asked me, watching the first ten minutes of PBS National Geographic’s Wild America, it’s like getting hit with a dart from a tranquilizer gun. But yes, birds do it, even educated flies […]

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