No Way To Stop Street Art

The line reached almost to the end of Frost Street in Williamsburg this past Saturday night (2/22/14) for the book launch event of Outdoor Gallery. The book features the photographs of Yoav Litvin, who in his spare time is conducting post-doctoral research on Brain and Behavior at The Rockefeller University. He hunts for street art as an appreciation of the risks street artists take when their […]

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HASTED KRAEUTLER has the most extensive collection and representation of artistic photography. Sometimes they throw in something different in the mix and transcend their brand as a gallery that has a niche in art photography. Their latest show with the sculptor / artist RÓMULO CELDRÁN featured larger than life scale of sculptures and drawings of mundane objects […]

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Anna Navasardian: Black and White at Claire Oliver Gallery

Claire Oliver Gallery proudly presents Black and White, the premier solo exhibition with the gallery for Anna Navasardian. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the title makes reference to the complexity of the human condition. The Artist’s signature style portraits explore life’s small moments, looking to expose to the world that which we wish to […]

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Jinju Lee at Doosan Gallery

The current work of Jinju Lee, at Doosan Gallery, derives from the type of lingering and toxic remnants of horrible experiences that remain in our memories and which can reappear, unprovoked or provoked, to wreak temporary emotional pain and harm in our lives.  These are the types of memories that periodically reverberate in us and […]

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Judy Rifka: Star Street at Trestle Projects, Brooklyn

With Graffiti Environment by Victor Ving and video installation by Judy Rifka and Daniel Dibble 

Last Friday, Valentine’s Day, was a momentary respite sandwiched between two snowstorms and a large flock of New Yorkers weary of this season’s meteorological onslaught, ventured out to Gowanus to celebrate Judy Rifka and her current solo exhibition Star Street. 

Judy Rifka is […]

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Paulo Brighenti: More Than Mere Dust

Genesis 3:19 “By the sweat of your face will you eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” (World English Bible Version) 

Rarely would I quote from the Good Book but at the latest show of Portuguese born and based artist, Paulo […]

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Beth Carter: Dancing with Morpheus at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery

As far as I can tell, Rousseau was the first philosopher to point out that humans differ from animals in their awareness of their own mortality.  Perhaps a more significant difference is that, unlike other animals, we kill with compunction.  When the cheetah runs down its prey and devours it, it relishes its meal and […]

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PICTURE THIS: Getting All The Love at ROX Gallery

Everybody wants but not everyone gets it – LOVE, that elusive little sucker and the lucky few that do is forever under its mysterious spell. AF came to the opening of the group show entitled I Want Love at ROX Gallery last February 13th – a pre-game celebration of V-Day which happened the day after. The multi-discipline collection of […]

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The Story Of Take Two, How a Hurricane Shaped Downtown Manhattan’s Independent Film

Last year the Take Two Film Festival was held at Theatre 80 St. Marks. Take Two presented 56 films from 14 countries. They were shown in two hour segments on 3 consecutive days, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Between the segments were Q&A’s run by talented people who were prominent in the film world.

This is no […]

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The art of SOFU


He produces a modern painting with always an underlying classicism. Also very inspired by music and urban art, he does his paintings as graffiti on a wall, as a piece of Hip Hop, fast, responsive and instinctive. So he chose to work with acrylic (and many times chalk, oil pastels […]

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