Reconstructing the Universe offers a chronological timeline of Italian Futurism from it’s beginnings in 1909 until it’s downfall around the end of World War II. From the 300 works being displayed you can take a walk through time and explore painting, sculpture, design, ceramics, fashion, film photography, poetry and so many other mediums of expression. Each work shows the evolution of the Italian Futurism movement explicitly.
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The Harmfully Active and Helplessly Receptive: Paperweight by Lin Yan at Gallery Fou

“Fou” is the Chinese term for “denial.”  In their press literature Echo He and Jessie Yang mention that they created Gallery Fou, and chose the name of the gallery, as a ‘denial’ of the mainstream gallery format or formula.  Both are NYU Arts Administration grads who have taken a Brooklyn apartment and converted part of […]

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Nick Doyle: Contemplating the void at Galerie Protégé

Last Thursday night, in a winter that never seems to end, I attended Nick Doyle’s Contemplating the Void at Galeire Protégé. Nick is an assistant and fabricator to Tom Sachs, and from the press release alone, I couldn’t wait for the opening. This playful, witty and well-constructed show not only put a smile on my face, it also got my creative juices flowing and all of a sudden, I felt like a kid in a toy store. [...]
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PICTURE THIS: The Power of Three at Con Artist

Δ – This is one of the most commonly seen symbols and throughout history a representation of power, mystic divinity, portals of transcendence into worlds, and a signifier of change. AF came to a show on the Lower East Side that is to channel such powers, mystify, carry us through worlds and once more – change our […]

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Logical Guesses at Driscoll Babcock gallery curated by House of the Nobleman

The minimal and concrete is put in the abstract spotlight at House of the Nobleman’s latest group show Logical Guesses. Opening at the Driscoll Babcock gallery, Logical Guesses features art that utilizes equations and patterns that highlight logic and reason over emotional catharsis. With works from artists such as Harriet Bart, Jarrod Beck, Dan Flavin, Alice Hope, Marylyn Dintenfass, Sol […]

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Meditate with Mickey and have a Heineken! Transcending Boundaries, Reflecting Change: Tashi Norbu at Tibet House in New York City

The goal of Tashi Norbu, as an artist, mirrors the goal many Tibetans have, especially those who live in exile or those living as a kind of ‘occupied’ people in China.  How do you preserve the meaning and beauty of Tibetan culture, not only in occupied territory, but in a ‘globalized’ economy where cheap and […]

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The Art of Susannah Martin

A few years ago, expanding my repertoire of painting people, I decided to take up the traditional theme of the nude in landscape. [...}
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Frank Hyder: Afterglow March 19 – April 9, 2014 at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

New York, NY – Rebecca Hossack Gallery is proud to present Frank Hyder: Afterglow, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Philadelphia-based artist Frank Hyder. The exhibition will commence with an opening reception on Wednesday, March 19 from 6-8PM in the gallery at 262 Mott Street.

Concurrent with his solo exhibition, Hyder will be participating in […]

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The Art of Zeren Badar

Ancient Series by Zeren Badar

I’m hugely influenced by Dadaism and neo-Dadaism for this photography project. In this photography project, I explore a peculiar combination of photography, painting & collage. I create three dimensional collages with found objects, food and cheaply printed old paintings. I turn pre-existing works of art into Duchampian ready mades and take […]

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Family Affairs: an incestuous avant-garde survey of art at IFAC

IFAC Headquarters at The Yard is currently showing Family Affairs: an incestuous avant-garde survey of art featuring a wide array of work by modern and contemporary masters juxtaposed alongside new and re-emerging artists championed by the consortium. With a strong focus on painting, the circles of influence are wide and far reaching yet centered around our city home: in the immigrant […]

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