Sur-real at Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery launches their 20TH Anniversary Year with the group exhibition “Sur-Real." The exhibition title emphasizes each part of the word surreal to give us pause to search for the fantasy in each featured artist’s imagination. With broad strokes or subtle detail, new visions for what seem possible are evoked.
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Mille Crêpes: A densely rich layer of fear, love and innocence

December 19 2013. The warm winter night saw the opening reception of «Mille Crêpes», a salon presentation by House of Tiny Egos (H.O.T.E) featuring recital, fine art and photography, serving up a slice of the human condition.

Centered around a short novel of Edgar Allan Poe, the salon engaged participants to reflect collectively on individual arrangements.

“The […]

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AF Best in Show & Year in Review 2013

Another year closes and a new one begins at the blink of an eye. 2013 was filled with so much variety, visual impact and a smorgasbord of art that it has been a real pleasure to dig our boots in the trenches to cover everything from the glitz of Chelsea, burgeoning Bowery area, gritty Lower […]

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Here at AF we strive not only to cover all kinds of art but also to bring it to life with great pictures. Our family of photographers has grown exponentially and the talent in my opinion is the best hands down. Max Noy, our photo editor came on board June 2012 and has set the […]

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Magic Custom Wants

MAGIC CUSTOM WANTS is a self-released single, part of the 9-track album Where I am I by Brooklyn-based experimental musician, Tyler Rowe and video by Rachel Rossin. Through data-moshed, dream-like sequences, the video for MAGIC CUSTOM WANTS captures and tangles the total-body experience of love and the intrinsic pursuit of wholeness. A collaboration with fine artist Rachel Rossin, […]

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All Tomorrow’s Parties (and Then Some): Kiwi Arts Group Electrifies Miami with Basel Block Party

All Tomorrow’s Parties (and Then Some):

Kiwi Arts Group Electrifies Miami with Basel Block Party 

Post-mortem Art Basel, and despite the menacing storm clouds rolling into Miami (including a surprising Matriarchal missive that read like the riot act, and complaints about the annual art orgy having jumped the shark), one of this year’s standouts raised the bar. […]

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They’re Orphaned Angels but their Art is Heavenly

Walk into Van der Plas Gallery and you will have a pleasurable experience. The new show, “Orphaned Angels”, greets you with a vibrant, primitive, tribal feel by two artists –  Konstantin Bokov and Ross Brodar.  Konstantin Bokov, a Ukrainian artist who was expelled from Russia, uses small fanciful, whimsical narratives and landscapes painted on recycled materials, […]

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Strange Loop Celebrates 2 Infinity and Beyond

Our heartiest congratulations to this unique art space and creative hub in the gritty bosom of the Lower East Side – to its founders, fashion designer Claire Fleury and artist/photographer Alesia Exum. Together they created this special venue and one of my favorites to review. Last year, their show ANTHEM: A Song of Celebration in […]

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PICTURE THIS: Du Diligence at CANADA Gallery

Another great addition to the periphery of the Bowery area is this gallery on Broome Street, which is CANADA Gallery. They held an opening reception for the solo show of Anke Weyer for Du last December 19th. Featuring large canvasses of color rich swaths beyond gestural abstraction, the visual punch really pepped up the new location’s interior. What can […]

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Paul Loya Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition, This Place Is Nowhere.

This Place Is Nowhere, which features the works of artists Gordon Holden, Schoph and Corey Smith, brings together three artists who take a serious (or not so serious) look at the society that surrounds us. In a “selfie”-saturated world, these artists create works that are provocative and often satirical or sarcastic remarks on pop-culture and […]

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