Getting Into The Mix in South Korea

* AF Editor Note: Deukyun “Sunny” Hwang took pictures for AF in the summer of 2012 till spring 2013. She is also a visual artist in her own right concentrating on film making and finishing her studies to become the next Sofia Coppola or  Spielberg. Recently, she went to South Korea and said wanted to share […]

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Steve Ceraso, Transforming Basic Materials

In the art world, to utilize the most expensive and sophisticated tools from a local art store does not necessarily produce work with character. This is something achieved by being innovative with what is already available paired with the technical knowledge of the medium. Sculptor Steve Ceraso has mastered multiple types of three dimensional art […]

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Wendy White Pays Tribute to Spain at East Harlem Project Space

A project space in East Harlem is currently featuring a show by Wendy White titled Madrid Me Mata. If you like vintage Spanish soccer, the films of Almodovar, or just good art, you’ll want to check out this show.

For this show, White presents work that pays tribute to the Galeria Moriarty in Madrid, a landmark gallery […]

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Rockaway! Explorations

Rockaway! was envisioned  by Patti Smith and MoMA PS1’s Director, Klaus Biesenbach, both Rockaway residents.  Their collaboration was in response to the issues following the devastation that resulted from Superstorm Sandy. The festival is sponsored by the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy (JBRPC) to celebrate the reopening of Fort Tilden and recognize the ongoing recovery of the […]

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Hank Blaustein’s Gift for Design and Keen Observations are Evident in Latest Show

A series of sketches and watercolor paintings by Hank Blaustein are currently on view in Chelsea. The exhibition, Drawn to Life: A Sketchbook Diary, features eloquent and detailed works by Blaustein who has been drawing his observations of the world around him, from the moment he could hold a pencil.

Blaustein’s subjects are people, places, and […]

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Drawn Together: The Merging of Graffiti & Art Gallery

Since prehistoric times, man has made markings or drawings on cave walls that served as daily records, which resulted into valuable artifact upon its discovery. The caveman was the very first graffiti artist and as history proved - there was graffiti in ancient Rome, “Kilroy was Here” during World War II, and the rampant citywide spray painted graffiti on subway train cars in the late 70’s New York [...]
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Ross Bonfanti: Under Pressure at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

Opening Reception: July 16 from 6-9PM

New York, NY – Rebecca Hossack Gallery is proud to present Under Pressure, a solo exhibition of new works by Ross Bonfanti, featuring new sculptures that explore the pressures of adult life within the context of reimagined childhood toys. These discarded teddy bears and stuffed animals, found in the thrift […]

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Photo Story: Closing reception for The Mural Project at Succulent Studios

Last Friday night we headed to Succulent Studios for the closing party of The Mural Project, which features artists curated by Everyoneonly for the 2014 Governors Ball Music Festival.  Participating artists are: Icy and Sot, Fumero, Robots Will Kill, Chris Stain, WhisBe, Juan Carlos Pinto, Craig Anthony Miller, Rubin 415, Iena Cruz, Adam Dare, Jacob […]

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The Merging Properties Exhibition

Last week a group of thirteen artists alongside curator David Wills took over a storefront pop-up space on the Bowery for thirty-six hours to create a show titled “Merging Properties.” Featuring a wide variety of contemporary practices, the show proposed expansive new interpretations for the term collage through the inclusion of mixed media sculptures and […]

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PICTURE THIS: Look Towards Hope in Detroit

Once the richest city in America with its boom in the golden years of the automotive industry, Detroit has become a remnant of its illustrious past. It has fallen to hard times and yet the eternal flame to still create thrives with the art it continues to churn out. With this resurgence and focus on […]

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