Once a year: The National Academy

The 188th Annual shows that the National Academy continues as an arts pioneer in New York City. In fact, the Academy has been exploring American contemporary art since 1826. Originally designed after the annual exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London, the Annual of the National Academy has experimented with a handful of […]

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Jeff Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum

The largest retrospective ever held of a single artist at the Whitney Museum, it’s not a secret, is the latest Whitney exhibition at the Breuer Building on the Upper East Side.

Jeff Koons, the most expensive living artist, after installing a huge vegetal sculpture at Rockefeller Center, and promoting an H&M partnership that features his famed balloon dog on a new handbag and also appearing naked in Vanity Fair, has […]

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RRRGGHH!!! By Jerry Kearns at Mike Weiss Gallery

What’s your favorite western?  I’ve always been partial to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.  Shane is up there too, along with High Noon and The Big Country (Gregory Peck and Chuck Heston in one huge, wide-screen, 70 millimeter epic). Western actors?  My favorite is Randolph Scott – he exuded integrity, strength and compassion. I […]

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Artist Profile: Adam Kiger

Columbus native, Adam Kiger, comes from a long line of acrylic and oil artists. Adam began painting at the age of six years old under the instruction of his family. After attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the early ‘90s, Adam moved to Atlanta, Georgia to begin setting the foundation for a career as […]

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Seeking Space closing reception at The Active Space

Last Friday night, Arte Fuse headed to Brooklyn to check out some shows in Bushwick. Our last stop on the agenda was the Active Space on 566 Johnson Avenue. This was the official group show of Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) and was put together through an open call curated by Arts in Bushwick organizers Julia Sinelnikova and Jillian […]

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THE JON DAVIS TRIO – “A Tribute to the Music of Jaco Pastorius” at Fat Cat, New York

It is difficult to succinctly write about pianist, Jon Davis.  He is a raconteur of the keys, an impish leader, a provocateur, a translator, a jazz artist of the highest order, a maker of images and a creator of heavenly sounds.  Davis is a gifted composer, a prolific recording artist and has played worldwide with […]

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Square by Zhang Dali at Klein Sun Gallery

Although Tiananmen Square is referenced in the notes for the show “Square” by Zhang Dali (at Klein Sun Gallery), I think it is referenced quite loosely.  There is, on a literal level, basically nothing that directly refers to the history, function or structure of Tiananmen Square here.  Instead, Tiananmen, as the world’s largest public gathering […]

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Floral collages by Birdie Lusch at Kerry Schuss Gallery

The series of small works on paper now on view at Kerry Schuss Gallery dates from 1973. The twenty-two collages created by a 70-year old female artist depict vases filled with flowers and are accompanied by an introductory and a closing poem; the works originally comprised a single album. At the time when Birdie Lusch […]

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PICTURE THIS: Sight Un-Scene at Brian Morris Gallery

Look twice or you’ll miss the point. I believe one of my art professors gave that pearl of wisdom when it comes to viewing work at a gallery or museum. In the world of Abstract painting, you might have to look more than twice to get a formative sense but at least look twice is […]

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PICTURE THIS: Two Is Better Than One at Louis B. James

It was a two-artist show that is on its second leg on its three-city tour. (Dallas / New York / Zurich) AF came to the opening of Otis Jones + Bret Slater last June 19th and it was a great pairing indeed. Jones is more of a minimalist where his lighter application and quiet hues evoke a stark […]

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