A New Gallery in Chelsea: Gallery SHCHUKIN Showing Aladdin Garunov

The arrival of a big, new gallery in Chelsea should be a cause of interest.  If I am not mistaken, before the arrival of the Highline Park, there were around 300 art galleries in the Chelsea neighborhood.  With the arrival of the Highline came a building boom of upscale hotels and residential units which have […]

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Legendary Creatures portrayed at Chelsea gallery

Large, colorful paintings of legendary animals by Walton Ford are currently on view in Chelsea in a show titled Watercolors. For this show, Ford focuses on connections between human culture and the natural world, drawing upon inspiration from folklore and historical studies. One work called Rhyndacus features a 10-foot tall snake and a flock of […]

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The Art of Carolyn O’Neill

The act of self-expression inspires and motivates me. The ’action’ or the physical outpouring of one’s inner self becomes a connective force. This raw but intangible energy is what I attempt to convey onto canvas.

I’m inspired by the early abstract expressionists from the 1950’s such as De Kooning, Pollock, Motherwell and Kline. Like them I […]

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The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be: David Opdyke at Magnan Metz Gallery

Marx bought into Hegel’s ‘historical materialism’- if you look at history you will see there has been moral progress through the ages and that history will continue to develop in a positive and humane direction. But Marx believed that history really showed three basic stages of development (epochs) and each epoch was characterized by better […]

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Wood Sculptures Show Children Coming of Age

An enchanting display of life-size wooden sculptures is currently on view in Chelsea. For the exhibit titled The Invocation, artist Gehard Demetz’s carvings depict adolescents and young children who posses maturity and wisdom beyond their years. The expressions on their faces suggesting deep thoughts of life’s challenges and complexities as they transition to adulthood, leaving […]

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Boxed in Plastics by Justine Hill at Galerie Protégé

For some reason, it seemed like every gallery in Chelsea had an opening last Thursday April 24th. We started our night at Galerie Protégé for Boxed in Plastics by Justine Hill. This is her first solo show in New York and with the gallery.  I interviewed Justine before the opening and was impressed by her work […]

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Speaking The Same Lingua Franca


I met Molly Herman a couple of years ago during Greenpoint Open Studios and I become enamored by her work. We spoke about photographing windows, doors and walls around NYC, especially what’s outside her studio window. Herman seizes this architectural terrain and then translates individual pieces into what she calls, “lozenges”. It’s her language of choice so […]

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Free Colombian chocolates offered at Chelsea gallery

A display of authentic, rich chocolate goods is catching the attention of many New Yorkers at a Chelsea gallery show. Artist Oscar Murillo’s exhibit A Mercantile Novel, offers a history of the candy-making company Colombina, based in Murillo’s hometown of La Paila, Colombia. Murillo has strong ties to Colombina as several generations of his family, including his parents have worked […]

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Painting a Universe on Fire, One Glass per Day: Peter Dreher at Koenig & Clinton Gallery

When the koto – a stringed musical instrument – was introduced to Japan from China (hundreds of years ago), it was immediately embraced by Buddhist monks.  They were not especially musically inclined, however.  They realized that mastering the koto took immense self-awareness and self-discipline and that learning this instrument would have a beneficial training effect […]

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“Gama Caves” Photos by Osamu James Nakagawa at sepiaEYE

To this day the governments of South Korea and China feel that Japan has never fully taken responsibility for the atrocities it committed in World War II.  For their part, many Japanese feel that amends have been made and apologies tendered and that other Asian countries may have various ulterior political motives for dredging up […]

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