Homunculus by Caroline Wells Chandler at Field Projects

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: a lot of children’s materials really probably weren’t meant for children.  The Wizard of Oz is based on the philosophy of Madame Blavatsky while Peter Pan includes a vulgar fairy, butchery, murder and is, basically, homage to pre-Christian paganism. Let’s not even approach Alice in Wonderland, […]

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Art is never just art: History of Magic II – Initiation by Alison Blickle at Kravets/Wehby

In James Frazer’s “The Golden Bough”, he makes the theory that all mythology stems from ancient magical rituals.  This is, in fact, the ‘other’ theory about the origin of mythology – most folks are familiar with the Jungian/Joseph Campbell theory that people share subconscious ‘archetypes’ around the world.  Frazer, however, did a yeoman’s job of […]

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Photo story: Teresa Henriques and Arianna Carossa at Rooster Gallery

In "Prospective," Teresa Henriques (b.1978) unveils the projects, sketches and scale models for her soon-to-come Museum shows, which will take place in some of the largest institutions in the world.
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Regarding Fridge Art Fair and the Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts

For the past few months, Fridge Art Fair has been working in collaboration with the Angel Orensenz Foundation on the presentation of the Fair’s second New York City Edition at the Center at 172 Norfolk Street, slated forMay 7-12, 2014. In light of recent actions by the FDNY and New York City Department of Buildings that […]

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Featured Artist Emilia Dubicki

Coming out of a long winter of painting and into spring, I am looking at these new paintings and how they reference one another with their forms, structures, light and dark. I am interested in a sense of space and scale within the work.
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In this sign you will conquer! Genesis by Daniel Hernandez at Kim Foster

Εν Τούτῳ Νίκα – In this sign you will conquer! 

These were, allegedly, the Greek words Constantine saw in the sky, which led to his conversion to Christianity before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (313 ACE).  According to the legend, his troops entered the battle under the banner of Christianity and bearing the sign of […]

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The Artful Confections of Lisa Alonzo

What if Georges Seurat went beyond his Pointillism method of painting? Let’s say he worked in a bakery and had the innovative use of the pastry bag with its various tips – now what would his artwork be like? Wonder no more as AF came to the show, which typified that possibility through the unique […]

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PICTURE THIS: Melting into Fantastic Color Fields

The dreary and gray winter mitigates a splash of color to rouse up our dull stupor from this never ending cold spell. Thank God for Margaret Thatcher Projects in presenting dual shows where their artists are bold significant users of color meant to chase away the winter blues. Last March 27th, AF came to the […]

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PICTURE THIS: Bitzer Swings from Uptown to Chelsea

Matthias Bitzer for his first New York solo exhibition in both the uptown and Chelsea gallery spaces of Marianne Boesky has certainly executed the perfect coup de grace. AF came to the Chelsea space last Match 27th for the opening of Saturnine Swing. His drawings, paintings and sculptures epitomized cerebral proofs in theme and the geometric mastery of […]

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Review of “NYJAZZ Quartet” March 28, 2014 at The Kitano

I’ve been following the dynamic NYJAZZ Quartet for roughly the last year, so when I came across a JazzTimes review of their latest record, “Blue Divide” (already being called “a ‘best of’ for 2014”),  I naturally gave it my attention.  Upon reading within the first paragraph that “…Derke deserves to be considered among the best […]

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