$500 REWARD!!! For the capture or arrest of the leader of the North American ‘art-flipping’ cartel

Exactly what process is involved in conferring an outrageous financial meaning to a contemporary work of art?  Is there an international committee of art ephors in the Himalayas (or Jackson Heights) who look at and assess a work and decide that it is so meaningful, relevant and transformational that it has to be bought by […]

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Susan Hockaday’s “After Nature” at Soho20 Gallery

Children’s books are often not really meant for children.  For example, in the Wizard of Oz, did you ever wonder why Dorothy is accompanied by a tin man, a scarecrow and a lion?  Apparently the author, Frank Baum, was a believer in the hugely popular Theosophy movement of the late 1800s.  This was a spiritual […]

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“Republika” by performance artist Marta Jovanović’s at Bosi Contemporary

Opening night at BOSI Contemporary for Republika a solo exhibition by Serbia born performance artist Marta Jovanović. The exhibition features selected works created in the past four years and presented for the first time in the U.S. The show will be honoring Jovanović’s artist’s book “Performing the Self” written by Kathy Battista.

In her performances, videos, […]

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How Artists are Embracing Accessibility to Increase Art Sales

Fine art became more accessible in 2013 thanks to popular sites like Artsy.net, which according to Forbes.com now has “150,000 registered users.” While access to fine art has grown thanks to more online sources, many individual artists, such as Layla Fanucci, are seeing growing interest in their work as well.

Fanucci takes cues from sites like Artsy.net to become more accessible to patrons and new collectors. Her […]

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The art of Essi Zimm


“Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

My biological father, a religious fanatic, claimed to know the truth.  A woman’s value could be precisely calculated according to metrics of surface: dress, […]

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Dzine: Born, Carlos Rolon, 1970 at Paul Kazmin Gallery on 27th Street

Walking among the elaborately decorated and sparkling pieces at the Paul Kasmin Gallery on 27th street, I suddenly heard the voice of sportscasting legend Howard Cosell – “What?! Roberto Duran has quit! Roberto Duran has quit!”  Stepping around a partition I saw a replica of a working-class Chicago basement rec room (which made me feel […]

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“Relativity” drawings by Paul Glabicki at Kim Foster Gallery (Chelsea)

Paul Glabicki’s hyper-intellectual drawings derive from his experimental films.  At Kim Foster Gallery (which just seems to put up one amazing show after another) Glabicki has now created various drawings around the scientific theme of ‘relativity.’  So the basic idea seems to be to provide parallel images, both showing a relationship to each other, but […]

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Interview with collector Peter Hort

Peter Hort is a contemporary art collector and heir to the Hort Family Collection. He is also a founding member of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation, which awards grants to emerging artists.

AF: Can you tell us the history behind the Hort Family Collection?

PH: My mother, Susan Hort, grew up around art.  Her mother was […]

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FRidgE ArT FAir NyC: the ice cream sundae project

Fridge Art Fair Returns to the Lower East Side May 2014

Fridge Art Fair is pleased to announce that it will once again feature a small group of selected galleries and artists on Manhattan’s Lower East Side during Frieze New York Art Fair Week 2014. The “Ice Cream Edition” will be hosted by, and presented in […]

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Thrush Holmes: It’s Called A Neon Romance

Everyone is lit up either by substance (alcohol most likely if you go to enough gallery opening receptions), emotion maybe such as love (or lust), and the flattery of words like poetry. AF came to one show that is lit up in all the obvious content and in more subtle contexts. Thrush Holmes had his debut solo […]

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