SHARE YOUR TEETH (WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE) Solo exhibition of Aviv Benn

The exhibition SHARE YOUR TEETH (WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE) is the first comprehensive solo show of Aviv Benn in Europe.

In a world of sharing, it is still hard to give away your own body parts (besides your liver, of course). But a friend can give her teeth to a friend, particularly if they have […]

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Keeping it Loose at A.I.R. Gallery

Daniela Kostova’s solo exhibition, Loose at A.I.R. Gallery (the first women’s cooperative gallery in the United States, founded in 1972) in DUMBO Brooklyn, questions the notions of the balance between freedom and safety in a child’s world. Kostova remembers playing as a child in Bulgaria with hardly any rules and/or regulations. Her installation hearkens back to this feeling of play as […]

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LAND AFTER TIME at E. Tay Gallery

PHOTO STORY: E.TAY Gallery is currently showing Land After Time, a group show featuring Stephen Eakin, Sarah Mullin, and Esther Ruiz, curated by Christina Papanicolaou and Kelly Worman. Somewhere between the familiar and the imaginary, there is a space where the objects in Land After Time exist. Inspired by a seemingly deserted Earth-like planet’s distant […]

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#NAILEDIT at Treat Gallery

PHOTO STORY: Treat Gallery is pleased to present its inaugural show: “#NAILEDIT”, a juried group exhibition featuring work by artists working in administrative or technical positions in higher education. Often underrated, forgotten and left out, techs and administrative assistants can be the driving force behind a student’s success. While adjunct pools expand and tenure becomes […]

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EXCAVATIONS – Imagination Worth Digging

Field Projects- Excavation is one exhibition that will draw your attention toward the progressive realm. The anthropology of living patterns, nature, functionality within conceptual lurking. It will mindfully consume you through the artworks- where you will catch a glimpse or two of its culmination with a due pursuit of enlightenment. The imagery might look easy […]

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Rattle & Hummmm at ODETTA

Rattle & Hummmm is about the visual poetry that can be found in Home Depot, the dump and online stores. The six artists in this exhibition are process oriented in diverse ways and most of them incorporate humble, mass produced industrial materials in their artworks. The resulting sculptures, video, paintings and installations are joyful on […]

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Assemblage and Process: Deconstructing the Works of Nicolas Holiber

Paint is for painting, except when it’s not. Nicolas Holiber’s portrayal of constructed images in relief utilize repurposed wooden pallets and recycled wood, creating dynamic figures and forms that demand to be seen outside of the formal limitations of the picture plane. In their jutting and angular formations they take part in real space with […]

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Six Decades of Paintings by Robert Ryman at Dia Foundation

When you first walk into the Robert Ryman exhibit in Dia: Chelsea, it appears that all there is white: white walls with hints of white rectangular shapes. In fact, this is the very starting point Ryman has exhaustively and thoughtfully sought after. As you move from one installation to the next, you are drawn into […]

Battle of the Butts

Within all facets of art today the legitimacy of copyright claims has arisen as a side effect of the ever-popular appropriation practices. With regards to intent, artists as notorious as Richard Prince and Jeff Koons have undermined originality by “transforming” works, a term under U.S. copyright law that allows artists to adjust meaning and aesthetics, […]

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Every Little Thing Braman Does Is Magic

Finally there’s a breath of levity and the bright blazing euphoric palette instead of the matte boring mundane or insane as Sarah Braman featured the latest panel paintings and sculpture work for her showYou Are Everything. 

It is everything you’d like in a gallery show where bright is right. The found objects like bunk bed frames, half of […]

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