More Than Words at Azart Gallery

“Word”— was first used before the 12th century and is taken from Old English. It is akin to German wort, Latin verbum, Greek eirein (to speak) and Hittite (to call name) and is the simplest manifestation of what Foucult would label as “similitude.” The term describes its named self (a word is a word, like, […]

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The Brant Foundation with the Support of Tory Burch Hosts a Rob Pruitt Inspired Free Arts Day

“Normally, the last day of a show is a sad time,” artist Rob Pruitt explained to a group of 100 young aspiring artists and their adult mentor/buddies on the closing day of his exhibition at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center this past weekend, “But today, is actually a really happy day, because I get […]

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The Importance of Protecting Historic Art

Throughout history, we’ve come across a breathtaking amount of impressive works of art that come in many different forms like paintings, sculptures and more. Each piece of art has a story behind it, a reason and a purpose, which makes us ponder the complexity of it. With that being said, we as a society like […]

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Being Transmission Curated by Lori Zimmer at Be Electric Studios

This past weekend East Williamsburg came alive with a pop up exhibition entitled “Being Transmission” at Be Electric Studio. The show was on display Friday September 19th and Saturday September 20th. “Being Transmission” was curated by art critic Lori Zimmer and featured the work of artists Chris Marshall and Tim Okamura. The exhibition sought to […]

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Three Women at Anna Zorina Gallery

It is the unfortunate truth that women remain grossly underrepresented in the artistic sphere, while male artists continue to dominate gallery rosters and walls. But as such, themes of femininity resonate more palpably than ever. Anna Zorina Gallery’s latest exhibition Three Women is a welcome addition to the movement, showcasing under one roof the works […]

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Interviewing Mari Kim: Korea’s Ultra Vivid Art Star Talks Art Fairs, K-Pop and Eyedolls

She comes from the land that brought the world The Powerpuff Girls, and, like Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, she owes a dose of her soul to the Big Eyed beings of Margaret Keane. She counters Keane’s candid cast of vulnerables with a cavalcade of empowerables who seem ripped from a magic, mystery, history and imagination […]

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Jerry Kowalsky – We Are Born

Jerry Kowalsky is a Dutch artist now based in Berlin. His upcoming exhibition We Are Born opens at Vriend van Bavink Gallery in Amsterdam on the 25th of September.

BM – The show title ‘We Are Born’ is fairly cryptic. At first it seems like a sentence that is cut off mid-way through, like there should […]

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Amy Myers: Spectral Bond, Light as Spiral at McKenzie Fine Art

The large-scale drawings by Amy Myers are affixed, unframed and raw, to the wall. The works are comprised of multiple sheets of paper, the small seams throughout adding an unrefined quality to their aesthetic. Each work features an intricate mass of shapes and forms that reverberate and fuse simultaneously in pulsating, abstracted patterns. It seems […]

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Elias Sime at James Cohan Gallery

The use of discarded objects as coveted material in works of art is hardly uncommon. The likes of Mike Kelly and Shinique Smith quickly come to mind as some of the stalwarts of this transformative technique. What distinguishes these works is the kind of detritus used to alter one’s perception—especially in the case of entire […]

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Opening Night for the 2015 Season on The Lower East Side

Labor Day is officially behind us, as are the days of wearing white at your boss’s cousin’s friend’s beach house in the Hamptons. Fret not however, while the summer days end, another anticipated season of art in the city begins. Last week, Artcards’ opening list was miles long, as galleries dusted off their walls to […]

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