E. 1027 At Joe Sheftel Gallery

On Orchard Street, on the Lower East Side, the Joe Sheftel Gallery presents a group show with six artists called E. 1027. Handed to me, by the gallery assistant, was the press release with an in-depth story behind the summer home designed by Eileen Gray with Jean Badovici. The complex and fascinating story behind the famous site […]

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On The High Sea In The Night With Artist Timo Klöppel

There are numerous myths in which a hero must undergo a so-called “Nachtmeerfahrt” (night sea voyage) where he encounters mysterious creatures and dangerous situations.

The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung himself undertook such night expeditions on the water. C. G. Jung was an avid sailor, yet not for the competitive element of the endeavor but rather to […]

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“Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now” at Cindy Rucker Gallery

On the ninth of July, we visited the Lower East Side and attended the opening reception at the Cindy Rucker Gallery on 141 Attorney Street, which presented a group exhibition called PUSSY DON’T FAIL ME NOW. The work of the three female artists–Doreen Garner, Sophia Narett and Kenya Robinson–varies tremendously, but all convey powerful, feminist […]

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Clocktower Productions Presents Anxious Spaces: Installation as Catalyst II, on View at Knockdown Center

The Clocktower Gallery left its Lower Manhattan base in December 2013 after hosting 40 years’ worth of legendary artists and their groundbreaking exhibitions, installations, and performances. Since the departure, the non-profit art body has developed and embraced a nomadic model, organizing varied events in art and music across three boroughs of New York City. For […]

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Franz West at Viana Art

Looking at these figures you might recall the quote from Matthew 23:27 when Jesus says, “Woe to you who are so committed to demanding that others adhere to religious law! You are like white-washed tombs: beautiful on the outside but on the inside you are filled with rotten bones and decaying flesh.”  For a while […]

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Summer Salon 2015 at the Van Der Plas Gallery

Stepping off the train at Grand Street on the Lower East Side, one is hit with an instant burst of energy. Action in every direction. That activity amplifies when turning onto Orchard Street, the home of the Van Der Plas Gallery.

Upon entering into the gallery, an overwhelming spirit of vigor impacts the viewer as they […]

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Joseph Wolf Grazi And Indira Cesarine: “Mortem//Papiliones” at The Untitled Space

“Mortem//Papiliones” featured works by artists Joseph Grazi and Indira Cesarine, including sculpture, drawing and photography revolving around the themes of life, death and the butterfly. Works by Joseph Grazi included Garden Sculptures 1 & 2, juxtaposing taxidermied bats and dried butterflies on wood, as well as several works of pencil on paper, including “Garden Party”, […]

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The Writing on the Wall – Text in Visual Art – The Painting Center

There are a number of mysterious and hard-to-grasp aspects of human language that make it a perfect element in modern and contemporary visual art.  Even if we look at language or text as being linear and concrete, in conjunction with visual imagery it yields more ambiguous and thought provoking interpretations. Text plus imagery, for example, […]

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My Lonely Days Are Gone / Part 2 Curated by Arturo Herrera at Arratia Beer Gallery

In 2010 My Lonely Days Are Gone brought together ten contemporary artists to explore the potential of a given physical space to generate wall works that commented on the role of abstraction.

Part 2 of My Lonely Days Are Gone continues to explore the connection among edge to edge images and the ready-made architectural set-up of […]

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The Impossibility of Abstraction – Ray Bull: “Get Up With It” at Ana Cristea Gallery

When looking at a representational work of art – a piece that represents stuff and/or illusionistic relationships between stuff in the world – there’s a tendency to engage in a specific cognitive process that might not allow for a meaningful experience or full engagement with the piece (Susan Sontag, of course, wrote about this in […]

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