Extended Consciousness Curated by Art Takes Manhatttan Opens at Caelum Gallery

Subtle art, abstract art, classic art or any art as a matter of fact. The sole purpose is to inspire, provoke, jolt and amend. Extended Consciousness is one exhibition that will inspire your taste forever. No exaggerations. My feelings will remain mutual with you.

Art Takes Manhattan curated Extended Consciousness at Caelum Gallery is charisma, enigma […]

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Esther Naor at Stux Gallery- Eclectic & Retrospective Refuge

Esther Naor’s exhibit “Aftermath” at Stux leaves multi-lateral traces on your mind. Her very unique emotional depth speaks around memories and subconscious. Her artworks echo a stylistic appeal that is indigenous beyond borders. At least that’s what I gathered and took away from her presentation. The theme “Aftermath” is both a reflection of her past […]

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Una Storia Americana: Two Italian Illustrators Entered the Collective Imaginary of New Yorkers

Once upon a time The America of the Modern Age, the “everything’s possible kingdom” where prosperity and fictitious collide, conceptual and urban grids coexist, and individualism, celebrities, and myths evolve. And, then there was its “shadow side” with irony and contraction, madness and melancholy–suspended atmospheres, alienating suburbs, and apocalyptic landscapes. Two faces of the same coin that turn […]

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Pierogi’s Inagural Exhibiton: Rage for Art (Once Again) Opens on The Lower East Side

What a great feat was it to witness the art wave in New York expanding in a classy direction. This time the move grew from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Pierogi is no stranger to the art wave of New York. This wave emerged and took grip in Brooklyn and now is decorating its interiors in Manhattan.

Fostering, […]

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Clio Art Fair 2016: Announces List of Artists for Exhibition and Lineup of Events

CLIO ART FAIR returns for its 3rd year in NYC March 3rd – 6th at 508 West 26th Street (5th floor). CLIO ART FAIR 2016 is a curated fair exhibiting 38 Worldwide Artists.

CLIO ART FAIR has been created with the idea of discovering Independent artists and showcasing the careers and achievements of already affirmed creative […]

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Art Takes Manhattan: Pop-Up Show from March 3-6

At the peak of Manhattan’s art market Art takes Manhattan sets forth a daringly beautiful proposal. The finest art worldwide to the heart of Manhattan. We’re so proud of this exhibition that we offer it all to the public in advance at ArttakesManhattan.org/store

39 living artists from around the world, whether from Spain France Sweden Greece […]

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Crypto-Somatic Incantation: New Paintings by Charles Yuen at Studio 10

It was a cold foggy day when I decided to venture out to Bushwick to view Charles Yuen’s paintings, which undoubtedly affected my mood. Once inside the gallery at 56 Bogart Street, the atmosphere changed. The interior light altered the space in way that gave the paintings a kind of intimacy. A layering of repetitive […]

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Interview with Artist Cristina Garrido

LL: Your motives of interest and work have changed throughout your career, from the commercial and artistic object, to institutional criticism or the mechanisms of the art market. What do you consider to be the most interesting part of this process? What are you currently working on?

CG: My work has developed in quite an organic […]

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VIDEO: Cecily Brown, Jeff Koons and Charles Ray at Flag Art Foundation

The FLAG Art Foundation presents Cecily Brown, Jeff Koons, Charles Ray on view January 20 – May 14, 2016, on FLAG’s 9th floor gallery. Ranging from lushly painted canvases to sculptures of extraordinary technical acumen, three artworks by each artist address themes of youth, nostalgia, and intimacy. The exhibition casts a sense of physical wonder […]

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The Art of Testing

Drug abuse and addiction are serious threats in our society. There are various ways in which employers, parents, social workers, and law enforcement agencies can test for the presence of drugs in a suspect, but the drug test cups used in 5- and 10-panel drug testing are perhaps the most common and the most effective. […]

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