Tam Van Tran at Susanne Vielmetter Projects

Stepping into Tam Van Tran’s show at Susanne Vielmetter in Los Angeles, one may be forgiven for wondering if they have not, in fact, stumbled into a group show. After all, the front gallery is full of large, bombastic abstract canvases in garish colors while a perambulation to the back gallery yields the discovery of […]

Featured Opening at NYOC gallery: There Is No Room For Us Here

The NYOC Gallery is pleased to present There Is No Room For Us Here, a group exhibition featuring selected works by Monique Luchetti, Elena Lyakir, and Leah Oates. This exhibit will run from June 26 – August 07, 2015, with an opening reception on Friday, June 26, 2015 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The exhibition’s title, […]

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Artists of the WPA at Bill Hodges Gallery

At the height of the economic depression following the 1929 stock market crash, President Herbert Hoover gave a radio broadcast to uplift the spirits of America. He said that 25% of Americans were unemployed. People were hungry, some starving. Farmers were losing their farms to banks, people were living in dire poverty and as President […]

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JOAN SNYDER: Sub Rosa at Franklin Parrasch Gallery

The Latin “sub rosa”, literally under the rose, comes from the ancient custom of hanging or painting a rose on the ceiling as a sign that participants of a group were sworn to secrecy. The subject of this exhibition is roses, in all of their beauty, their long held symbolism of love, faithfulness, and the […]

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Featured Opening: 60 Americans at Elga Wimmer PCC

Thursday May 21st  – Sunday June 14th 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday May 21st from 6:00 to 9:00 pm

’60 Americans’ is a response to the ill-gotten gains of flipper based collectors, money corrupted and trend obsessed gallerists, shopping mall (puppy mill/factory) inspired art fairs, nepotism and favoritism of the made men and women of fast track MFA programs in America. This exhibition […]

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‘hysterics’ – Videos by Jeamin Cha at Doosan Gallery

“Pain makes people raise questions, and those who raise questions become hysteric.” Jeamin Cha

Doosan Gallery is, like many Chelsea galleries, pretty liberal with its free wine on Thursday openings, but on April 16, 2015 there was no wine and the mood was somber. It was the first anniversary of the Sewol tragedy – when a […]

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Interviewing Sonya Fu: The Hong Kong Neo-Surrealist Breaks Bread with Some Surrealists — and Some Surreal Inspirations

Here’s the scene: Manhattan. May 26. 8pm. A gleaming edition of Norman Bel Geddes’s “Motor Car No. 8” pulls to the curb in front of 66 East 66th Street. A pink-gloved albino in a chartreuse suit steps swiftly across the sidewalk and opens the rear door of the vehicle. Hong Kong Neo-Surrealist Sonya Fu is […]

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But is it Art at Con-Artist Collective

Pre-smashed TVs, radical doll parts, fecal matter. . . can’t artists just paint pictures anymore? From abstract to conceptual, from installation to bricolage, from metamodernism to zombie formalism, you can slap a label on anything, maybe even a price tag. . . but is it art?

Taking one of contemporary art’s most pressing questions as its […]

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Bernard Piffaretti at Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles

The critics of high modernism celebrated the painter’s mark upon the canvas, especially the first one -that initial splatter, spray, drip, zip. Such marks were indices and imprints, records of the artist’s singular vision and a testament to his creative genius. French painter Bernard Piffaretti, whose work was just exhibited at Cherry and Martin in […]

The Best of Gallery Walk in Chelsea (May 2015)

David Salle’s new paintings are characterized by both immediacy and complexity; their vibrant color and highly energized, dynamic compositions display a marked evolution from his most recent exhibition, Ghost Paintings, shown at Skarstedt’s Upper East Side gallery in 2013. Salle’s Late Product Paintings can be seen as both revisiting and providing an extension to his […]

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