60 Americans : An Alternative Perspective on Contemporary Art

On May 21, 2015 ’60 Americans’ opened in the Chelsea Arts District at the Elga Wimmer Gallery on a unseasonably hot and humid day in New York City. A massive crowd of art professionals and enthusiasts entered the gallery that displayed the works of 60 American artists, providing an alternative perspective and discourse on the current climate of the American contemporary art scene [...]
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Raw Process Presents: A Night of Reverie with Live Art and Music

Raw Process has achieved a tangible aesthetic that reaches beyond the timeworn buzz phrase “live painting.” In partnership with Blick Arts and Art Boho, Reverie, the collective’s two-year anniversary event, represented a culmination of that aesthetic from trial and error to on-trend success.

On a balmy Saturday night on May 23, 2015 at Santo Party House […]

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The Revival of Playing Cards as Art

Playing cards are among the world’s oldest gaming devices. They are also the most versatile and most common as well.  The number of games that use playing cards numbers in the thousands and over a hundred million decks of cards are sold each year.

The earliest playing cards date back to the 6th century in both […]

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The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will return to the Lincoln Center in June

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will return to the Lincoln Center in June for a two-week, 15 performance engagement. They will be performing Matthew Rushing’s Odetta, which is about American folk and blues musician Odetta Homes, and Hofesh Shecter’s Uprising, a study of institutional violence against black males through dance. Other highlights from the show include […]

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Karl Weiming Lu – Recent Paintings – Andre Zarre Gallery

Karl Weiming Lu was a member of the first generation of Chinese artists, after the end of the Cultural Revolution, to seriously begin experimenting in the visual arts. This movement is usually cited as having begun in some of China’s larger cities around the year 1985 but it only lasted a few short years as […]

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From East to West: A Bi-Coastal Dialogue at Zener Schon Contemporary Art

It seems possible we don’t think about lines and geometry enough these days.  And, why don’t we?  We are all subject to them, right?  Log on to the internet, click a thumbs up on Facebook, and sure enough you and your opinion have been logged, categorized, and “filed” away as data.  Apply for a credit […]

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Zhao Zhao: Constellations II at Chambers Fine Art

The term highbrow isn’t used much anymore but the term used to indicate someone of immense intelligence with the highest cultural standards. The English novelist Alan Patrick Herbert once quipped, “A highbrow is the type of person who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso.” Zhao Zhao, a Chinese artist from Beijing, does something […]

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Swoon: The Road by Walking Presented by The Heliotrope Foundation & The Dean Collection

Do you get excited when you hear the words “nonprofit” and “community” in the same sentence as art?  I don’t either.  Maybe these words in the context of art have gotten a bum rap but brought together they have never suggested to me edgy, challenging, contemporaneity of the kind I long for, but rather something […]

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It’s Safe to Say, The Winds Away at SELECT Art Fair

Joseph Beuys, a subscriber to the idea of artist as shaman, performer of the piece “I Like America and America Likes Me” has a permanent installation outside Dia Chelsea, a converted loft building at 548 West 22nd Street purchased by the Dia Art Foundation in 1987. The piece is called 7000 oaks and is in […]

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Provenzano’s Celestial Still-Lifes at Nancy Margolis Gallery

The Nancy Margolis Gallery opened a solo show of recent work by painter Melodie Provenzano last week where the celebratory mood was palpable amidst gallery goers.  Unlike almost every painter I know, Provenzano paints straight through each work until completion, setting up still-life arrangements of various objects and artifacts collected over the years.  The still-lifes […]

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