WHY ARTISTS NEED A GLOBAL PLATFORM FOR STUDIO SUBLETS: A conversation with the founders of stusu.com

stusu.com is a brand new online platform for artist studio sublets. Launched in Berlin one month ago, its founders Ralf Dereich and Melina Volkmann are now setting out to conquer the NYC studio market with the goal of extending globally.
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Adriana Lara “Eggsplotion” at AIR DE PARIS

“Eggsplotion”: easy to grasp as neologisms go, but enigmatic nonetheless. So what do we mean by eggsplotion? The outcome of a straightforward physical phenomenon, the representation of some kind of culinary reassurance rooted in recourse to energy profusion. From behind this title emerge new artworks produced by different ideas, places and modes of collaboration. Theory, […]

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Studio Visit: Lynn and Robert Bianchi


Lynn Bianchi is a New York City-based fine art photographer and multimedia artist who has shown work in over thirty solo exhibitions and in museums worldwide, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan; the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland; Musée Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy; 21c Museum, Louisville, Kentucky and the Art […]

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It’s A Digital World by Meagher and We Just Live In It

Collage has come a long way, baby! From the days of scissor cut forms pasted to pile image upon image, now you can precisely cut and paste digitally. Patrick Meagher explored and demonstrated how the digital age has affected us spiritually and emotionally with his solo exhibition, “Suggested For You”.

Meagher is not coy in suggesting […]

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Jazz in Art- Feel That Thump

The fine link between Jazz and Fine arts- is the creative liberty. Devoid of theory- but that comes with passion, time, and rehearsal. Exhibition ‘Jazz in Art’ at The Bishop (on Bredford) signifies and embarks on this fine link. The abstractness in delicate art, as well as in standard jazz is a common gulf- therefore, […]

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Pola Sieverding’s THE EPIC at NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein in Germany

The NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein presents “The Epic”, Berlin-based photo and video artist Pola Sieverding’s first institutional solo exhibition.

The exhibition “The Epic” presents a selection from her “Arena” series, in which Pola Sieverding questions the correlation between documentation and staging. The title “The Epic” already hints at the comprehensive visual-narrative storyline nature of her works, […]

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Quick Take: 33 Orchard Street

Featured early last year with their works on paper, this duo namely Mamie Holst and Paul Pagk came back with recent paintings for their second round at 33 Orchard. Abstract in character and juxtaposition apparent with Holst doing stark black-white while Pagk who customizes his palette made color rich works. Lower East Side continues to […]

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Treasured Elements: Precious as Silver & Gold

As the contemporary art keeps evolving in the face of new media driven by the online wave; along comes an artist that defy the odds of parallel scope. Michelle Sakhai brings along the worldly art wisdom encapsulated in the Persian and Japanese dynasties- wrapped in the precious attire of gold and silver.

I was fortunate enough […]

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EXCEPTIONAL – Scream London

Scream London presents ‘Exceptional’, a group exhibition that connects seven artists with disparate working practices who share a minimalist sensibility. Employing a range of different methods, each artist has developed a unique way of working with processes such as erasure, visual systems or spatial investigation. Their practices are often labour intensive, contrary to the reductive […]

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SHARE YOUR TEETH (WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE) Solo exhibition of Aviv Benn

The exhibition SHARE YOUR TEETH (WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE) is the first comprehensive solo show of Aviv Benn in Europe.

In a world of sharing, it is still hard to give away your own body parts (besides your liver, of course). But a friend can give her teeth to a friend, particularly if they have […]

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