Interview with Artist Davor Vrankic

AF: What is your background in the arts and what inspires you to make it?

In 1986 I enrolled at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo (Bosnie and Herzegovine) where I followed the course that was a very classical and traditional training: a still life drawing and nude. Third and fourth year I continued at Academy […]

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Keeping It In The Loop

Video images as art rely heavily on the pacing of how the image plays. Jungju An capitalizes on the method of splicing scenes in a certain sequence to provide a rhythmic pace that compliments the subjects in his moving images.

Military drills, ceremonies and a marching band embody pomp and circumstance but through the judicious use of […]

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Sumptuous Skeptics: Ellen K. Levy and Patricia Olynyk Stage Creative Inquisition

It was Voltaire who declared, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities,” and in the centuries following the Enlightenment, the philosopher could only have imagined what absurdities—and atrocities—would sully any rational sense of human progress.

In Some Provocations from Skeptical Inquirers, on view at the Sidney Mishkin Gallery at Baruch College […]

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Hayden Kays: OVERDRAWN

London artist Hayden Kays is thrilled to announce his first solo exhibition of 2016 ‘OVERDRAWN’ at Exposure London on April 7th.

The show consists of twenty five crisp and framed uncirculated one dollar bills which Kays has beautifully overlaid with inkjet prints of arresting images, applying his characteristic wit for a wry critique of modern day […]

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The New Narrative Portrayal of Women: Artist Carla Gannis interviewed by curator Tina Sauerländer

Nude Descending A Staircase – Season 4 from Carla Gannis on Vimeo.

In the course of one year, Brooklyn-based artist Carla Gannis made digital drawings of herself. 52 complex images come into existence, that embeds the virtual self of the artist into different narratives, reflecting contemporary topics of the Digital Age and art historical references, drawing […]

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Spring/Break Art Show Strikes Back: Memorable Trends and Artists from 2016

Spring/Break Art Show has come and gone again, its lingering scent of artistic innovation hovering over the garden path of the art world at large. A week and some change has passed, and looking back, now is the right time to finally point to what worked and what, well, didn’t.

Eschewing the trade-show quality of other […]

An Interview with Humberto Poblete-Bustamante

LL: Your work has been linked to the very concept of time, in the “European” sense, and nature, ‘expanded’, land art or earth-art. I refer specifically to a text by Luis Francisco Pérez about your work.

HPB: That text corresponds to an exhibition I had at Galeria Alegría in Madrid, where I showed my Garden Paintings. […]

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Interview with Artist Matt Mignanelli

Recently, I saw your work in an exhibition at The Hole and was intrigued to learn more. You’ve stated previously ‘A lot of my works are based on industrial facades and architectural elements.’ How does working from your studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn influence your art? 

The entire city has been a source of great inspiration, but […]

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BK FOXX: Kingdom at Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery transforms into a wildlife sanctuary this spring with Artist BK Foxx’s Kingdom. This is the premiere gallery exhibition for Street Artist BK Foxx whose focus is social awareness of animals. The “Kingdom” exhibition benefits the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) mission to conserve nature and to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity […]

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Every Art Has Its Calendar Day

The works on paper, canvas, multi-media and floor installation are stand-alone perfection but they still dialog with one another in a festival of celebrating what could turn out to be a Calendar Day indeed for Sofia Quirno.  

The spheres of color in black, gray, yellow and forest green were deliberate punctuations that kept your eye traveling […]

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