Inside and Out at Elga Wimmer-Hyun Contemporary

Inside and Out is a group show curated by Suechung Koh at Elga Wimmer Hyun Contemporary. The connecting thread through the show seems to involve the experience of new, immigrant, upwardly mobile New York City dwellers and how their new city provides novelty, excitement, and challenges for growth while also providing experiences of immense anxiety, […]

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Ithaca Babel and New York City

Imagine that as you are wandering around NY City you see two distinctive strangers bump into each other twice at two different locations.  You ask yourself – is this compresence or causality?  Perhaps this would call for an investigation. Such coincidences are so rare, but, of course, that is the nature of coincidence or we […]

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Donna Cleary’s new installation featured at Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

A new art installation at a popular West Village wine and dessert bar is catching the eye of many neighborhood residents. Featured on display inside the Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar’s window is an installation by artist Donna Cleary called Helix.  This intriguing work of art features a giant, spiraled black and yellow tube snaking […]

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Painter Steven Assael Offers Unique Master Workshop

Select Group to Discover the Techniques of Figurative Art 

NEW YORK, NY July 21st, 2014 — Renowned figurative painter Steven Assael has announced plans to teach an intimate five-day master course in his New York City Studio from August 4th-8th, 2014. An exclusive group of students will have the rare opportunity to learn from the leading […]

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Through Every Leaf – JJ Manford and Max Razdow at Freight + Volume

Charles Burchfield, an amazing American artist from the past, once wrote: “An artist must paint not what he sees in nature, but what is there. To do so he must invent symbols, which, if properly used, make his work seem even more real than what is in front of him.” This echoes, to a great […]

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Chelsea Art Walk 2014: The Hazy Daze of Summer

Last July 24, 2014, AF came out to join the legions of art denizens lining up the cobble stoned streets and art gallery Mecca of Chelsea for its annual ART WALK. The night delivered on its celebratory frenzy of open galleries, festive spirit and of course, the HOT art on its walls. This is a […]

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Eric’s Trip at Lisa Cooley’s Gallery

Seeing summer group exhibitions in New York is like maintaining a steady exercise routine or going to family reunions – necessary but slightly tedious. Most group shows are battle grounds for the conflicting intentions and emotions of everyone involved; hopes, ambitions, insecurities, strategic maneuvers and counter-maneuvers of artists, curators and gallery owners create tensions that […]

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Japanese artists with diverse careers present digital works at the Pace Gallery

A group of Japanese artists known as teamLab are currently presenting a compilation of digital works for the exhibition Ultra Subjective Space at The Pace Gallery.

Founded in 2001 by Toshiyuki Inoke and several college classmates, teamLab is comprised of individuals striving to find a balance between technology, art, commerce, and creativity. Their talents range from animation to performanceto fashion design to mathematics and even to medical science.

The works in […]

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Verisimilitude at the Curator Gallery

The Curator Gallery, in Chelsea, invites various folks to curate shows on a periodic basis. The gallery was initially underwritten by Ann S. Moore, a retired Chairperson of Time, as her way to contribute to the arts scene in NY. The current show “Verisimilitude” was curated by Ethan Karp, of the now shuttered but immensely […]

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Photo Story: The Second Life of Flowers by Sirikul Pattachote at The Lodge Gallery

After a night of gallery hopping in Chelsea, we headed downtown to The Lodge Gallery for the opening of The Second Life of Flowers by Sirikul Pattachote. She is a Thailand-born New York artist and this is her first solo show with the Gallery. One of the best things about the Logde Gallery is that it stays […]

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