Sports as Art at Neil Scherer’s Going Going Gone (Citigroup Center Atrium)

On October 29th Mark Schubin will give a free presentation, as part of National Opera Week, at Neil Scherer’s Going Going Gone Sports/Art Gallery, about baseball and opera.  Apparently there are various common threads between these divergent spectacles and Schubin will try to draw parallels.  Everyone is invited (7pm) but it might be a good […]

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Interview with Linda Yablonsky by Alessandro Berni

Some words from Linda Yablonsky.

During her life this person has written only one novel but she’s among the most authoritative art critics in this city and she has the power to trigger a really good reaction to an event or, especially, to give it the thumbs down. We’re not talking about Jep Gambardella in “The […]

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The Jansma Master Prints Collection at The Museum of Biblical Art

As Director Richard P. Townsend explained during the press preview, MOBIA is following up its Back to Eden show (reviewed in AF 8/12/14) with something a bit more unassuming and introspective, before rocking New York City with their Sculpture in the Age of Donatello show this coming February. The current show features prints by Durer, Rembrandt, […]

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Cycles of Life in the Lower East Side

Breaking the mold of the sort of artworks shown at Dacia gallery, Ted Barr’s “Cycle of Life” show is full of abstract paintings and is anything but the figurative artworks for which the gallery is known. Also influenced by action paintings, Ted’s work is intriguing to the average viewer as far as the mystery of […]

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In Other Worlds: The Art of the Russian Avant Garde, 1910 – 1930 at Gallery Shchukin

Despite contemporary political events, it certainly is a good time to buy, sell, and simply look at Russian art. The New York Times recently reported record sales of Russian art at Sotheby’s and Christies, especially of the modernist masters like Kazemir Malevich and Nicolai Fechin, and, in New York, the recently opened Gallery Shchukin has […]

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Moyra Davey: Burn the Diaries, A Review

From September 19 to December 28, 2014, the Institute of Contemporary Art, or ICA, at the University of Pennsylvania, is showcasing an exhibit titled Moyra Davey: Burn the Diaries. Moyra Davey is an artist who has built her career from creating works of photography, writing, and film. In addition, her works have revolved around a variety of […]

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The Ghost of Marius? Boyoung Lee at Hyun Contemporary

In 1984 E.O. Wilson wrote the book Biophilia, which theorized that there was an inherent attraction that humans felt toward the natural world.  This need to experience nature – even in the depths of the most crowded city – would help to explain why our cities are not completely concrete and steel aggregations of buildings […]

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PICTURE THIS: Ciao To Any Time Of The Day By Petracca

Artist Antonio Petracca has taken up the camera for a pictorial dialogue with his show Mezzogirono that opened last October 16th at Kim Foster Gallery. The title of his show means middle of the day, which exposes the Italian scene in Puglia where everything under the sun is fair game to interpretation. Petracca paints with the camera in such cinematic […]

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PICTURE THIS: Geometric Surrealist of Shapes at FLOWERS

Scottish artist Renny Tait certainly shaped our perceptions decadently with his latest exhibition that opened last October 16th at FLOWERS Gallery. The richly hued canvasses of building structures that are stark in its forms and with a controlled palette was indeed a feast for the eyes. A trio of lighthouses resembled stately chess pieces, a domed building with a […]

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PICTURE THIS: Landscapes at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Canadian artist, Sara MacCulloch, presented Landscapes last October 16th at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.  Depicting the terrain and views of Halifax, Nova Scotia and the areas surrounding Minas Basin, she evoked placid elegance and the stillness of environments which she painted in one sitting. The soft palette of icy blues, lush spring greens, rich browns, […]

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