Lost Time by Jean Lowe at McKenzie Fine Art

The work of Jean Lowe caught my eye in 2010 when she presented her ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ show at McKenzie Fine Art in Chelsea (I was happy to see this gallery on Orchard Street now). 2010 was the first time I had seen her quite funny papier-mâché and enamel books with titles like: Who’s Who […]

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Rachel Lee Hovnanian: In Plastic We Trust

hat movie dialog excerpt was from The Graduate (1967) and it was the mantra of that time that pointed to a lucrative future in plastics. It was a movie made more than four decades ago and now our daily existence relies greatly on plastics [...]
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Nam June Paik at Asia Society

Nam June Paik was a pretty lucky guy. He was, for instance, able to move out of Korea at the age of 18, due to his family’s wealth, thus avoiding the Korean War.

While North Korean People’s Army divisions barreled through South Korea, while MacArthur landed at Inchon, while US forces temporarily occupied Pyongyang, as Republic […]

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Seasonal scenes around Brooklyn featured at The Bowery Gallery

The Bowery Gallery in Chelsea is currently presenting a collection of oil paintings by Nagib Nahas for the show Street Views. Nahas’ paintings depict scenes taken from different times of day and different times of the year mostly around his neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He beautifully illustrates the warm sunlight shining upon the Verrazano Bridge which […]

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PICTURE THIS: Working Wisely at Zieher Smith & Horton

French artist Philippe Weisbecker showcased 20 years of his drawings, books, and objects which gave us a treasure trove of creative riches last September 4th as AF visited Zieher Smith & Horton for their season opener. The masterful drawings on antique paper provided a unique view on their austere yet very sharp technicalities with respect to design elements. The […]

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PICTURE THIS: The Dark Matters at Claire Oliver

As they say, everyone looks the same in the dark but focusing in the light of art creativity, Judith Schaechter for her show Dark Matter that opened last September 4th at Claire Oliver Gallery definitely carved out her own niche.  Featuring eight stained glass light boxes and ten new sculptures, everyone was enticed and played on the observation of beauty. Such […]

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Nicholas Kruschenick’s early works on view at Chelsea gallery

A colorful collection of paintings, collages, and drawings by well-rounded artist Nicholas Kruschenick, are currently on display in Chelsea in the exhibition Nicholas Kruschenick: Early Paintings.

The show offers works by Kruschenick that have never before been exhibited from 1961 through 1963, the time period in which he developed his pop-abstract style. The artist experiments with a […]

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Visibility is a trap: Sculptures by Roxy Paine at Marianne Boesky Gallery

The folks who saw Roxy Paine’s opening at Marianne Boesky Gallery were blown away by the raw visual impact of seeing various types of complex machinery intricately carved out of maplewood. So why would an artist do this?

Of course Duchamp jokingly pointed out that one aspect that makes something ‘art’ is its uselessness.  So he […]

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Auto Erotic Romance by Kurland

Cheerios in the hands of a mechanic dressed in ripped jeans, the inner abstract geometry of an engine exposed within an open hood, a dead bird elegantly held upside down by one leg, the frenetic beauty of a smashed window – all these and more are the images one experiences in the vivid photography of Justine […]

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Studio Visit with Julia Sinelnikova

What is your background in the arts and how did you end up in NYC?

Art has always been a central focus in my life. I began taking painting and sculpture classes in second grade, and my mother, who loves to travel, would take me to a museum in every city we visited. I started my […]

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