Newport Jazz Festival 2014 – 60th Anniversary

The start of Summer brings a bounty of splendor: beachy days and starry nights, barbeques and lemonade and moonlit boardwalk strolls.

As July winds down and I begin to measure the remains of the season, I look forward to the first week of August when The Newport Jazz Festival comes to the Rhode Island seaside.  This […]

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Crank a Fish & See the Origins of Consciousness at ISE Cultural Foundation

Spiritual fulfilment has often been represented by the union of the masculine and feminine.  The wandering, tormented male (Odysseus, Dante, Faust) symbolizes the desire for a higher-level life that overcomes the base and animalistic, while the perfect, pure or eternal feminine (Helen, Beatrice, Gretchen) represents the fulfilment to be obtained by that desire.  Mayu Shiomi […]

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The Master Picture of What’s Real

“When words become unclear; I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”  – Ansel Adams

The past couple of years navigating the intricate veins and tributaries of the art world had afforded me countless views of works that promote fantasy. It is not often when you are faced with realism […]

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Studio visit with Eric Starosielski

What is your background in the arts and how did you end up in NYC?

I was always making things as a child. I would take anything apart and put it back together to learn how things were made and worked. I also learned that I could communicate human emotions though making sculpture easier than by using speech… […]

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Opening night for The 21st Precinct art show

Over the weekend, the old 21st precinct in NYC hosted an art show with today’s hottest graffiti and street artists curated by Robert Aloia, VNA Mag, Beau, Todd Masters, NY st gallery, and Suzuki Capital LLC. The building is scheduled to be demolished at the  end of August, so why not let these artists go wild— which they did. There’s […]

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Fahrenheit temperatures may go wild as the season gets hotter and nothing you can do better to cool down than to drink in some art on a Thursdaynight. AF came to see a pair of cool shows to slake the thirst of the senses. Paintings by Soonyi Oh and “Horses and Bayonets” by Hector Rene, which were artistic photography, turned out […]

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PICTURE THIS: A New Century Begins in Chelsea

Collaborative creativity and biogenetic cells turned art signal a new horizon for art in Chelsea. AF visited one of the galleries bent on pushing that very tenet of new and something different for all to enjoy. “Abiogenesis” by Sarah Doherty Heinrichs blew the lid off everyday molecules and its awesome power to replicate or group themselves into cells. Her […]

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Sam Durant, Proposal for White and Indian Dead Monument Transpositions, Washington D.C.

Sam Durant’s 2005 work, Proposal for White and Indian Dead Monument Transpositions, Washington D.C. is finally on view in its new home, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (August 3rd- November 30th). The piece consists of both text and sculpture, existing simultaneously in intellectual and physical space. Durant proposes that thirty monuments erected to the white […]

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Back to Eden at the Museum of Biblical Art

Archeologists have found an area in Turkey which might have inspired the Garden of Eden story.  Gobekli Tepe is a region which once had overabundant vegetation and animal life, attracting numerous hunter-gathering bands which lived lives of extraordinary leisure and ease there. This was super-lush, fertile land that naturally provided an excess of food for […]

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“If I Come Out Of This One Whole”: Trioli Contemplates Truman

In this day and age it seems almost archaic to initially write this out by hand, but in recognition of Sam Trioli’s exhibition S., partially paying tribute to Harry S. Truman’s correspondence to his wife (circa 1945), it seems fitting to do so. I’ve got my pad of paper at my desk, sitting in my […]

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