Interview with artist Benjamin Murphy

AF: Where has the main inspiration been drawn from for this show and what is the relevance of the title, “Gilded Chaos”? 

BM: The title is in reference to a quote by Charles Baudelaire from the essay Painter Of Modern Life. Baudelaire is a huge inspiration for me, and this phrase in particular summed up exactly […]

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Personal Delivery: An Interview with Erin Hammond

In a world where art is big business, artists can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the demands of managers, art dealers, gallery owners, patrons, and well-meaning family and friends who all have an opinion on what makes good art sell. Is it just a myth that we purists cling to, this idea that art is about […]

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Mesmerized by “Pandora’s Box” at AFA Gallery

Transposing the imaginary worlds we all hide has never become more accessible, than at the AFA Gallery. “Pandora’s Box” refers to the artifact given the world’s first woman—Pandora, Zeus’s creation via Hephaestus, who opened the jar or pithos. According to the Greek myth by Hesiod, she unleashed human evils and suffering unto the world.  

Coming to […]

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Woodward Gallery: New Work, New York

The New Year embarks on New Work, New York – a group exhibition of Artists from around the world who have never shown at Woodward Gallery before. Responding to thousands of Artist Submissions, Director John Woodward selected eighteen individuals originating from Japan, Spain, Canada as well as the USA who work in sculpture, paper, and painting.

This first […]

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Cynthia Daignault’s Light Atlas at Lisa Cooley Gallery

Cynthia Daignault’s practice combines analytical procedures and strict discipline of conceptual art with easel painting in traditional realistic style, and poetic and deeply personal writing. It results in hybrid artworks that appear simultaneously lyrical and systematic, innocent and contrived, conventional and thought-provoking. Daignault’s new painting installation “Light Atlas”, now on view at Lisa Cooley Gallery, […]

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ARTE FUSE: 2015 Year End Wrap Up

So another year closes and we had great things that transpired in the year 2015. We have continually grown our valued audience but our roster of writers has exponentially expanded. With these varied artistic styles and writing talent, we are able to present the best there is in contemporary art.

January 2015\: RESPOND at Smack Mellon […]

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The Next Generation of Artists: A review of “Post Mode” NYSRP Fall 2015 Semester Show

For one evening twice a year the New York Studio Residency Program in DUMBO transforms into a gallery setting. The studio program which accepts twelve undergrad students a semester from art colleges across the country, came alive on December 12th for a one night pop up exhibition. The exhibit entitled “Post Mode” featured the work […]

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Interview with Anthology 2015 winning artist Angelique Brickner

Arte Fuse: Congratulations on winning Anthology 2015 at Van Der Plas gallery. What is your background in the arts and what inspires you to make it?

Angelique Brickner: Thank You. I lived in an isolated farm community in the panhandle of Texas until I was about ten, before the days of the internet, so truly isolated. My […]

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Anthology 2015 at Van der Plas Gallery

The Van der Plas Gallery represents both contemporary and outsider artists. This year, the gallery put out an open call for its first annual international juried exhibition. It received 350 submissions from around the world. Of these, 12 were selected to be included in the group show titled Anthology 2015–closing next week.

Anthology 2015 is constructed […]

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Anderson Contemporary: “Chromatic Convergence”

Tucked away on a lane in the Financial District, the Anderson Contemporary is slightly intimidating with towering glass windows, high ceilings and immaculate white walls, not to mention the security guards at each entrance who make this place equally formal and exclusive; minimal in one word — reserved just for the, well, contemporaries.

Currently, the gallery […]

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