Interview with Painter Todd Bienvenu

Todd Bienvenu is a Brooklyn-based painter. His work depicts muses such as late nights, bar scenes, and drinking buddies. Todd’s paintings are informed by a great knowledge of art history and pop culture, and infused with a dark witty sensibility. He is a featured artist at Life at Mars Gallery with a solo exhibition coming […]

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Light and Airy at the New Whitney Museum

I have always looked forward to seeing art at the Whitney, especially during the Whitney Biennials, but honestly, I always felt claustrophobically exhausted at the end of each visit. The “New” Whitney will take care of all those feelings. The space is expansive with light pouring in from huge windows. Many outdoor spaces and gardens […]

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Engaged by the Word: Donatello’s Stuff at The Museum of Biblical Art

Your priest or minister may not have told you this, but many religious scholars believe that Paul of Tarsus hijacked Christianity. At one time in the very, very early stages of the Christian religion there were actually two rival groups of Christians (this is even before the Gnostics reared their heads). There was a group […]

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Chasing Unicorns: Mythologies of Progress in American Landscapes

NEW YORK—A+E Studios is pleased to present Chasing Unicorns: Mythologies of Progress in American Landscapes, a group exhibition featuring the work of Annie Shinn, Arden Surdam, Chaney Trotter, Costanza Theodoli-Braschi and Vernon O’Meally.

Contemporary rap, medieval tapestries, New Yorker cartoons, kitschy online videogames, marketing textbooks, and the Bible: all number among the realms of the unicorn. […]

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Matt Ducklo: Tomorrow is a long time at Launch F18 Gallery

When I first saw Matt Ducklo’s photographs of Memphis at Launch F18 Gallery, I didn’t immediately connect them with my own experience of that city, which I visited over ten years ago. Although Ducklo is originally from Memphis, he had lived in New York for a long time before returning to his home town. His […]

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Wasted by Deborah Nehmad at Kim Foster Gallery (Gun Violence in America)

Deborah G. Nehmad uses paper as a type of surrogate material for human skin, and, therefore, by extension, for the human body.   On her website Nehmad writes: “…the processes I employ – I repetitively burn, etch, scrape, score, stamp, puncture, type, apply pressure, write and draw – and materials I incorporate – heat, paper, gut, […]

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Martin Beck Restructures the Sequence

Thoughtful and cerebral art can be made well and captivate its audience. AF came to the opening of Martin Beck for The thirty-six sets do not constitute a sequence last April 16th. The wall had photographs of a floral bouquet being constructed or emptied in no particular sequence. There was a mid wall with a […]

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DEAR DAVE, Everyone Came Out To See You

Celebrating its 20th Issue, the tri-annual publication presented more than 50 artists featured in its pages. Ranging from photography, miulti-media, drawings, paintings and others that it was quite a plethora of diverse works culled on the pages of the magazine. Michael Foley is an ardent supporter of the publication and had the gallery populated in […]

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Merging the Lines between Fashion Art and Design

“Build awareness, test new markets, and connect with new customers, these are the main goals that we follow for our pop-up events,” says Clelia Zolli, founder of the Clen Gallery. “Between an event and another, I stay in touch with our customers, I look for new artists to represent them and I create new clothes […]

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“How did you get on this canvas?” Lucy Jones at Flowers Gallery

As the title of this show at Flowers implies, Lucy Jones openly defies expectations in regard to who is ‘supposed’ to be shown on a canvas, the purpose for depicting a subject and even who is ‘entitled’ to create art. Inherent in the show is also a reflection on how potently affected we can be […]

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