Liene Bosquê Got Traces To Remember

Tactile features figured prominently in the latest show by Brazilian artist Liene Bosquê for Dismissed Traces last October 14th. With sculptures and installations inspired by history, architecture, or memories that Bosquê captivated with the rich nuanced textures of the works on view. 

The first items you see are broken plates and stacks of it that gave […]

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Logan Hicks and Beau Stanton: Calm Before the Storm at the Highline Loft

This past weekend, Beau Stanton and Logan Hicks transported nautical vibes to Chelsea as part of a 12 day pop-up at the Highline Loft. Curated by Lori Zimmer and Natalie Kates, “Calm Before the Storm” features old and new studies by the two artists, whom share a common curiosity in historical re-imagining through an urban […]

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Contacts and Pigments Make for Art Brut

Encased within the brilliant glow in the white interior of Christian Berst Art Brut on the LES, two shows asserted itself as bold and making the case of why art is King in this part of Manhattan. The selection of photographs from the late John Kayser for Direct Contact was evocative of the golden tone […]

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Getting the Real at Gallery ONETWENTYEIGHT

Art ideals are supposed to be above the fray of the ugly truth of reality. It is supposed to make you dream and see the world on a higher plane. Well that can be done since they started legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana (in some states – Rocky Mountain High takes on a whole […]

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Hyon Gyon and the Factory

Dutiful as a monk, Hyon Gyon is found each day in Harlem: attacking, ripping and working with massive canvases like an animal.

Her new work begins with the raw energy of long haphazard black slashes of paint, reflections of gold leaf, foreboding faces with gnarled and jagged teeth smiling through chards of broken mirror…A three-month residency […]

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Amstel Gallery and John Havens Thornton: Fifty Years of Art

Currently on view at Amstel Gallery at the Yard, curators Gregory de la Haba and Laetitia Lina have put together an ambitious survey of painter John Havens Thorton’s work entitled “John Havens Thornton: A Survey of Paintings Spanning Fifty Years.” The survey is housed among four floors of the Yard, which is a co-working space […]

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The Untitled Magazine is pleased to present: “The ‘F’ Word: Feminism in Art” A group show of 20 female contemporary artists at The Untitled Space in New York City from October 20 – 28th, 2015. Curated by The Untitled Magazine’s editor-in-chief Indira Cesarine and Denise Krimershmoys of Vohn Gallery, the exhibit features a wide array of

The Untitled Magazine is pleased to […]

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Dell brings Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic to Lightbox for XPS Launch Celebration

Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic has an artistic resume as dazzling and dexterous as his work. He’s collaborated with everyone from Kanye to KENZO, directed a short film for the BBC, designed the 2014 awards for CFDA and shown at MoMA. Flexing his style to engage other industries and audiences is second nature to Mestrovic. His recent union […]

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Interview with Curator Jae Joseph

Curator Jae Joseph took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his most recent show, The Absence of Presence, by British artist Jennifer Louise. The show appropriately debuted during Fall Fashion Week at Gallery 151 from September 12th-29th. Joseph, who also works at Wallplay, stated his mission is to produce and […]

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Tanya Heath Footwear – Where Form Meets Function

Typically scrutinized for its artistic or utilitarian value, high fashion is a form of non-verbal communication with an emphasis on form. Tanya Heath, a transformative footwear line, revolutionizes this stigma. With over 50 styles of boots, pumps and sandals, alongside hundreds of heels, Tanya Heath supplies the palette to the innovative woman. Painter, musician and […]

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