MIGUEL ZENÓN QUARTET at The Village Vanguard

To celebrate the release of his new CD, IDENTITIES ARE CHANGEABLE, saxophonist and composer Miguel ZENÓN and his quartet have settled in for a week long run at the Village Vanguard (November 18-23).

One cannot imagine a more perfect blend of high energy personnel as this cohesive ensemble comprised of pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Hans Glawischnig, […]

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DAILY ROT: Solo show by Joseph Gerard Sabatino

Everything is in a state of flux.  Every day in our own fragile bodies we wage a battle between growth and disintegration, inevitable decay despite requisite maintenance.  In the exhibition “Daily Rot” we witness the results of energy expended by artist Joseph Gerard Sabatino as he pursues his mission to temporarily arrest decay.  Through his […]

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Martin Schoeller: The Truth Behind the Portraits

Portraits have come a long way. Painting your visage took endless hours of sitting for the artist and if you go to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. there you’ll see corridors of stern looking or very stiff subjects. It was the proper air of formidable and haughty for the noble and rich who can […]

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PICTURE THIS: Get Mesmerized at SIM

Most people paint with a brush but it takes a special artist to do it with their camera. Olya Turcihin joined our Arte Fuse family in 2013 and has shown her sheer cinematic prose with the pictures she took for us. Last November 11th, we were so proud of her solo show Mesmerism at the unique boutique that is […]

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PICTURE THIS: Filthy Gorgeous at De Buck Gallery

Money is the root of all evil. Yeah right but it’s awesome to have boat loads of it. Imagine what you can do – buy the red hot Ferrari to park in your restored mid-century designed house in the Hollywood Hills, jet off on your private plane to anywhere in the world on a whim, […]

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Martin Puryear at Matthew Marks Gallery

Guess who was really born on December 25th?  That’s right, baby Mithras. He was a sun god in the Roman Empire who liked killing bulls and changing the zodiac every 2,160 years (his next change will bring in the Age of Aquarius). The Catholic Church plopped Jesus’ birthday on December 25th because it was in […]

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Peter Blume at ACA Galleries

One of the must-see shows, as this year draws to an end, is a sampling of work by Peter Blume at ACA Galleries. This show is in conjunction with a larger show at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and that show seems to be the first major retrospective of Blume’s work since his […]

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“Takashi Murakami: In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow” at Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian Gallery is representing the new paintings and sculptures of the iconic Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, from November 10th of this year through January 17th, 2015.

If I had to choose one contemporary artist who is loved regardless of generation or gender, it would be Takashi Murakami, whose influence on art and popular culture transcends all […]

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eBay Kicks The Auction House Exclusive Doors Open

Exclusivity comes at a price but discretion has long flown the coop or rather the luxurious auction rooms of the art world’s reputable institutions. Auctions have been conducted in the most exclusive of enclaves for decades and not until the 1980’s were the sales reported like baseball scores or stock market closing prices that the […]

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Bullfighter in New York: Domingo Zapata at C24 Gallery

C24 Gallery knows how to throw an opening! I was enticed to enter after seeing several ornate chaquetillas (the little jackets worn by bullfighters) and, as I was entering the gallery, a small but lively band kicked into the famous pasodoble from the zarzuela El Gato Montes (which is often played at bullfights).  It was […]

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