Analogy identifies anomaly: Microcon Begins by Owusu-Ankomah at Skoto Gallery

Skoto has been a treasure in Chelsea for many years – often featuring the engaging and thought-provoking work of contemporary African artists. Currently they have an amazing show by Owusu-Ankomah, an internationally exhibited artist originally from Ghana. 

This artist’s paintings are covered in various symbols which seem to have been inspired by the ancient Adinkra symbols […]

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An Inclusive World: Bridging Communities

2015 USSEA Regional Conference An Inclusive World: Bridging Communities

Arte Fuse is proud to be one of the sponsors for the travelling project An Inclusive World and the 2015 USSEA Regional/InSEA endorsed Conference, who are partnering to provide a group exhibition and conference simultaneously.  In addition to media coverage, Arte Fuse will host an art workshop […]

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Who re-writes the classical?

Classical is a familiar word that has referred to both the great civilizations of Greece and Rome, landscapes from the 1850’s and themes such as order, balance, harmony, and ideal beauty throughout the centuries; but in the contemporary zeitgeist, this term has dramatically shifted its definition. So what is the new sense of this word?

The term classical, formerly defining canonized ideals of order and proportion and […]

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Cult of Moby, Innocents in the California State of Mind

Moving to Southern California to start a cult is not a new idea. People have been doing it since the 1700s. William Money started a famous healing cult in 1840, then Katherine Tingley moved her esoteric religious cult of theosophy from NY to California in 1900. All kinds of cults; love cults, healing cults, alien […]

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Not Nihilism, or a Dada-like Gag : ZERO

The name “Zero” was meant “not as an expression of nihilism – or a dada-like gag – but as a word indicating a zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning … the incommensurable zone in which the old state turns into the new.” Otto Peine. Forged while ruminating on the aftermath […]

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Garis & Hahn: The Belles of Bowery Chime In

Back in 2013, I attended a group art show opening and it was my initial exposure to Garis & Hahn.  The art was profound and it made a distinct impression just like the area of the Bowery. It is the demarcating line between the glitz of Chelsea to the West and the grit of the Lower East […]

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Biomorphic Sculpture by Eva Hild at Nancy Margolis Gallery

Biomorphic art first seemed to appear in the early 20th century with folks like Miró, Arp and Tanguy. Basically this is art which is evocative of biological forms without really being meant to point to any particular biological organism or organisms.  Biomorphic art is usually used to highlight the absurdity of our bodily needs in […]

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Cristina Vergano: The Laws of Attraction at Woodward Gallery

Artist Cristina Vergano depicts wildlife locked in evolutionary struggles for primacy and reproduction. She freely mixes techniques that span from oil painting to collage, and often paints on unexpected found objects [...]
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When Masks Fall

The monstrous as an aesthetic exercise has been approached countless times in the history of art. Nowadays many creators have been seduced into the space of otherness and the abject, as a banner we can lift the embodiments of delusion of Goya in his Black Paintings and The Disasters of War, or visit the work of David Cronenberg in The Fly, Tod Browings with Freaks, the otherness worked by Lynch, Bacon’s deformed faces [...]
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The Perpetual Modernity of Judith Lauand

Everything old is new again. The cyclical nature of taste and fashion seems to operate on this edict but not so in art. Works from the past decades can still be fresh and relevant but contingent upon the sensibilities of the times or its conventions needing a counter intuitive reaction.

Last October 23rd, it was proof […]

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