Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014: December 4-7

Art Basel in Miami Beach opens its doors to the public today with a strong line-up of exhibitor and programs, attracting leading collectors, curators, museum directors and critics from across the globe. The 13th edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach runs from Thursday – Sunday 4-7, at Miami Beach Convention Center.

With 267 leading international galleries, […]

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The Anti-American Dream, A Street View

The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center hosted an exhibit titled Three Themes: Contemporary Connections with Paul Strand. The display consisted of three photographers, Tanyth Berkeley, Doug Rickard and Paul Salveson

showcasing works influenced by prominent twentieth-century photographer Paul Strand.

Among these modern photographers is Doug Rickard; his focus was on one of Strand’s main themes, street photography. Rickard […]

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Simon Brown at Benrubi Gallery

The Benrubi Gallery is in the historic Fuller Building on 57th street, along with a sizeable number of other galleries, so this one destination could keep you busy for some time on a gallery-hopping afternoon (in the elevators you see a listing of the various galleries and which floors they are on).  Indeed, the Fuller […]

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David Lloyd, “New Paintings” at Klowden Mann

It’s a good thing painting was never truly dead, or David Lloyd would not have been able to exhibit his new paintings at Klowden Mann in Los Angeles this fall. Llloyd’s paintings are fiercely, vibrantly alive. Stepping into the gallery space reminds one of just why white walls and concrete floors are useful –to set […]

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Permeated Shield by Ursula von Rydingsvard at Galerie Lelong

Ancient folks thought of the tree as a type of bridge between the earth and the sky. A tree’s roots dig down deep into the earth and anchor it there, drawing water and nutrients, while the trunk, branches and leaves soar into the air.  The tree is sustained by the photosynthesis in the leaves from […]

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We Dream Alone by John Messinger at UNIX Gallery

When the English and German Romantic painters created pieces, they began with an aspect of nature which seemed to evoke something meaningful but ineffable, and they then created a super-enriched version of that aspect of nature on paper or canvas. The viewer then engaged the super-enriched nature, which was divorced from nature through artistic creation, […]

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The Twilight of Testosterone in Watercolor: David Rathman at Morgan Lehman

The big questions for me, looking at the recent show at Morgan Lehman Gallery, were: Is David Rathman making a social statement about the loss of working-class America and the effect this has had on America’s conception of masculinity, or is he making a more general statement about changing conceptions about ‘manhood’ in America as […]

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Lisa Breslow at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Stopping by the 529 W. 20th street building on a Saturday afternoon gallery-hopping spree (or whenever you drop into Chelsea) is de rigueur.  Virtually every gallery there has art worth seeing on a monthly basis.  This go-around Kathryn Markel is presenting a show that includes some engaging and provocative city-scape paintings by Lisa Breslow.

What I’ve […]

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Interview with Peter Frank, an art critic for the Huffington Post and formerly for LA Weekly, Village Voice and SoHo Weekly News. Peter has organized exhibitions for Documenta in Kassel, the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, and New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Mr. Frank, do you remember when you decided to leave New York for Los Angeles?
In 1986 I decided to leave and I did it a year […]

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One Last Gala At The Whitney

The Whitney Museum of American Art is closing its famed location at the corner of 75th Street and Madison Avenue but not to worry. It will relocate to its new digs downtown and will re-open on May 1, 2015. So another era ends and a new chapter will begin.

Last November 19th, AF got to attend the […]

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