The Impossibility of Abstraction – Ray Bull: “Get Up With It” at Ana Cristea Gallery

When looking at a representational work of art – a piece that represents stuff and/or illusionistic relationships between stuff in the world – there’s a tendency to engage in a specific cognitive process that might not allow for a meaningful experience or full engagement with the piece (Susan Sontag, of course, wrote about this in […]

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Secret Garden Mural Series Honoring The Life of Kalief Browder

This Saturday July 11th the Henley in association with No Agenda invite you to see the collaborative mural created by  artists LMNOPi and GILF! for the Secret Garden Mural Series.  The event is the second in the series featuring monthly installments slated through the fall.

The artists have created a tribute piece to Kalief Browder, the citizen held for […]

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Interviewing April Gornik: The Eminent American Landscape Artist Stills for a Game of Either/Or

Take Hudson River School rogue Thomas Moran and arm him with the palette of Abstract Expressionist gadfly Clyfford Still; then you’ll get a good sense of the great creations brought about by Landscape Artist April Gornik. Like Moran, a transplanted Brit who etched through Philadelphia before taking New York’s legendary River all the way to […]

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Opening night: Unix Gallery, Gladstone Gallery, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, Jonathan Levine Gallery and Ethan Cohen Gallery

On the last Thursday of the humid and wet month of June, Chelsea offered quite a few interesting and unique new exhibitions that were crowded with a generous amount of art aficionados and spectators.

Upon arriving to the first spot, Unix Gallery, there were already a great number of people drinking bottles from the Brooklyn Brewery, […]

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Sleater-Kinney – Sound Advice on IFC

Watching Sound Advice on IFC is like seeing someone fall down and laughing at them. Janessa Slater (from SNL) plays a sanctimonious media coach, who dishes advice to artists in need of an image upgrade. In this video, she interviews Sleater-Kinney and displays her complete misunderstanding of feminism by incorrectly name-dropping “riot girls” and “Susan B. Anthony,” all […]

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Diana Sirianni and Katharina von Hagenow win Artprize of the Leinemann-Foundation

Diana Sirianni (*1982 in Rome, Italy) and Katharina von Hagenow (*1986 in Herdecke, Germany) won the Artprize of the Leinemann-Foundation for Education and Fine Arts. It is awarded to young artists for the first time this week in cooperation with the association of friends of the University of Arts in Berlin, Europes biggest art school. […]

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6 Venue Retrospective of the Work of Otto Neals

There is currently a 6 venue retrospective, in New York City, of the work of legendary Brooklyn artist Otto Neals – please see the end of this review for the addresses of the venues.

Jacob Lawrence, an artist Otto Neals knew, and whose ‘Migration’ series you may have recently seen at MoMA, once said, “If I […]

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WhiteBox Benefit Art Auction, Spring 2015

Situated in the Lower East Side’s creative nucleus, WhiteBox is a unique space that functions at once as a non-profit organization and a contemporary art space, blending elements of activism, culture, and the avant-garde. If there was one event to encapsulate this diverse mission, it would be without doubt WhiteBox’s annual Spring Benefit Art Auction […]

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Discarded Insulation Material on 25th Street in Chelsea – An Amazing Work of Public, Ready-Made Art

In Walden Thoreau recognized the central importance of “heat” as one of the necessities of human life: “…for while food may be regarded as the fuel which keeps up the fire within us…shelter and clothing also serve only to retain the heat thus generated and absorbed. The grand necessity, then, for our bodies, is to […]

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Alison Mosshart: Fire Power at Joseph Gross Gallery

It has recently become commonplace for artists of one genre to dip their toes into another, whether to expand their creative boundaries, or to, more typically, puff their fame. Established songstress and The Kills co-founder, Alison Mosshart made her first solo debut in visual art with the opening of her exhibition Fire Power in New […]

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