Genesis of Brilliance by Dan Hernandez

Gothic Surrealist Battlestar Galactica – That’s what comes to mind when you see the latest work of Dan Hernandez where the Icon looking Virgin Mary and militant angels zap with lasers at the unseen enemy. This would have been the secret paintings where the battle waged between good and evil might have played in the mind of […]

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ReVision curated by D. Dominick Lombardi at Galerie Protégé

Every day we are bombarded with an army of sensory stimulations, the majority visual, which we in turn process almost automatically. Rarely do we pause to give thought to the mechanism of how we react to certain cues and filter the constant influx of surrounding information. We are thus lucky to have five New York […]

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The Trip: Andy Warhol’s Plastic Fantastic Cross-Country Adventure

Have you heard about The Trip? It’s by Deborah Davis and is about a road trip that Andy Warhol took in 1963 from New York to Los Angeles, one that had a dramatic effect on his work and life. 

There is a nice excerpt from the book on the Barnes & Noble website. You can click the image above to read […]

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AbEx to the MAX at Denise Bibro Fine Art

AbEx – the mashed up word for Abstract Expressionism – gets a showcase at Denise Bibro Fine Art with works rooted in the movement, Brushstrokes, smears, and applied paint conveys all the intense and bold emotions on each piece. You can say it is firmly rooted indeed but it can fly off to the next […]

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Donald Baechler’s Symbolic and Sentimental Early Works at Cheim & Read

The minimalistic early works of American artist Donald Baechler are currently on exhibition at the equally minimalistic white and concrete chapel of Cheim & Read. Baechler’s paintings are simple, yet probing—symbolic and nebulous. I wasn’t quite prepared for their power. 

Filled with quaint homes drawn with solid lines and anonymous youths next to airplanes or teapots, the […]

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Inside the Mind of an Art Lover

Some people love first edition rare books. Some people squirrel away gems into safes or keep bottles of fine wine in cellars. Whatever your pursuit that gives you pleasure in life, you need to do it with passion. In the sphere of the creatively inclined, therein exists the ART LOVER.  

One of these true blue art […]

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Interviewing Brent Estabrook: The Popist Plays a Wily Game of Either/Or

“We take life too seriously… live playfully and pursue your true passions… you’ll be happier for it”

So goes the refrain across the splash page of popist Brent Estabrook’s website. In any other hands, the ellipsis-split mantra would be sheer hyperbole. For Estabrook, it amounts to nothing less than words to live by.

Or else.

See it wasn’t […]

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Peter Stauss | The Invisible and the Third Hand

For his third solo exhibition with the Berlin based gallery carlier | gebauer, Stauss presents a series of flarge-scale oil paintings alongside related small-scale bronze sculptures. 

The Invisible and the Third Hand focuses on a single character, who appears throughout the works on view in different permutations: the Dutch master. Although their significance may not seem […]

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“Life or Something Like It” at Molly Krom

The six artists featured in “Life or Something Like It” highlight in their drawings and paintings the importance of imagination over facts, desire over need, life over survival. Molly Merson, the gallerist and curator of this show, invites the viewer to reflect on the intersection between art and life, art as a solid ground for […]

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Miriam Cabessa Does Distinctive Impressions

In the area of Gramercy Park, AF came to a gem of an art gallery that featured the Moroccan born artist, Miriam Cabessa foran*thro*pom*e*try.  And boy did she make quite the impression, which was bold and personal.

The subdued black and white works on wood panel bore the impressions of favorite meaningful objects like books, letters, magazines, and mailing […]

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