Opening Night for the 2015 Season on The Lower East Side

Labor Day is officially behind us, as are the days of wearing white at your boss’s cousin’s friend’s beach house in the Hamptons. Fret not however, while the summer days end, another anticipated season of art in the city begins. Last week, Artcards’ opening list was miles long, as galleries dusted off their walls to […]

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PORN TO PIZZA — Domestic Clichés at DAM Gallery

Many things sustain our personal comfort zones—eating delicious food, cuddling with cats, decorating homes, having sex, watching porn on TV and the Internet.

Porn, Pets, Plants and Pizza, the 4P of domestic clichés, broadly found their way from real life into the virtual space of the Internet. The Word Wide Web became part of our daily […]

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Marclay Makes Some Noise at Paula Cooper Gallery

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle 

The art season began last Sept. 10th in the Chelsea district and excitement coupled with anxious anticipation were in the hearts of those before their foot even takes a step inside the brilliant white interior of the […]

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Being There at De Buck Gallery

The incessant rain could not dampen the spirit of those making the gallery rounds in Chelsea last Sept. 10th and one of the stops made by AF was at De Buck Gallery with their high quality contemporary art shows. For their season opener they presented Houston based artist Joseph Cohen and his show Dasein.  It […]

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Being Transfigured at the Last Rites Gallery

On 38th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues), the Last Rites Gallery’s current exhibition, “Transfigure”, features the works of Alex Garant, Sarah Joncas, and Oda and King. All of their pieces vary tremendously, but have a similar tone of mysticism and darkness. In fact, the gallery has a mysterious quality to it: the room is […]

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WRONG HISTORY – On Monuments and Memories. JAY GARD – An Artist Writes History

In October 2013, JAY GARD inspired the visitors of his first exhibition in Berlin with the monumental “Torbogen” installation. Back then, we entered the world of JAY GARD’s art through an arch constructed of self-made cabinets, five meters high and spanning twelve meters.

Two years later, we are happy to present the second exhibition of JAY […]

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Dialogue Two Ways: An Interview With Sculptor Ella Kogan

Voices in our head are usually not worth noting. Most of the time, they are amusing anecdotes or pressing reminders that circulate until thrown to the side. For sculptor Ella Kogan, these voices and sui generis images are the substructure for the stark and gripping pieces that she creates in her small New Jersey studio.

Ella […]

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McWillie Chambers at George Billis Gallery

As summer ends, we get to extend the sensations of hot sun on skin, blazing reflections on water and the accompanying heat and indolence a little longer, thanks to this exhibit of small, intimate paintings by McWillie Chambers. Sensuous and dreamy, the pool, ocean, and sky colors of cobalt blue and cerulean are a background […]

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Alison Knowles: The Boat Book at James Fuentes

If you weren’t at Art Basel in Miami Beach last year, then you might have missed Alison Knowles’ debut her nautical-themed installation “The Boat Book.” Rest assured, however, that James Fuentes has installed the Fluxus artist’s newest edition to her over-sized book project at his eponymous Lower East Side space for the final weeks of […]

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The Phillips Collection

Billing itself as “America’s First Museum of Modern Art,” the Phillips Collection is a worthwhile visit for anyone interested in the roots of modern art. It’s located in Washington, DC but its many New York connections include free admission to members of the Whitney Museum. The Music Room, where musicians from Glenn Gould to Philip […]

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