The Best of Gallery Walk in Chelsea (May 2015)

David Salle’s new paintings are characterized by both immediacy and complexity; their vibrant color and highly energized, dynamic compositions display a marked evolution from his most recent exhibition, Ghost Paintings, shown at Skarstedt’s Upper East Side gallery in 2013. Salle’s Late Product Paintings can be seen as both revisiting and providing an extension to his […]

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Paul Kolker – The Droste Effect at Kolker Gallery

The Droste Effect refers to an image that contains a smaller image of itself, which, in turn, contains an even smaller image ad infinitum.  It comes from a Dutch company called Droste which used this type of recursive imagery on its boxes of cocoa powder. Basically you had a nurse on the cover of the […]

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Lindsay Lawson: The Inner Lives of Objects at Gillmeier Rech

Lindsay Lawson’s second solo exhibition at Gillmeier Rech titled “The Inner Lives of Objects” is a collection of sculptures filled with objects in the form of panels and solid vases. The works resemble archeological sites in which modern day artifacts are partially obscured in layers or plaster, resin, and pigments.
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Reza Aramesh at Leila Heller Gallery (Victims of Military Oppression in Art)

Iranian-born artist Reza Aramesh’s work has not just explored issues of inhumanity, cruelty and suffering (based on images from the popular press), but, to me, has also deeply questioned the extent to which the visual arts have attempted, throughout history, to even acknowledge issues of human suffering. Indeed, in his approach to depicting victims of […]

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Interviewing Andy Burgess: Pop Geometry, The Painted Cube and the Inaugural Art Miami New York

His beat is Pop Geometry, a form that encompasses everything from collage to oil on canvas and which is devised by channeling everyone from Dadaists to Diebenkorn. As the name suggests, it is bold, it is acute, and it is rooted in thousands of years of now. It also happens to be a singular creation […]

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Making History at Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery

The Storefront Ten Eyck Art Gallery is located in an unsuspecting converted warehouse in industrial Bushwick.  Their current show on display, the Making History Exhibition and Arts in Bushwick Benefit offers a one of a kind opportunity to experience an amazing collection of vast and varied artwork from over 400 different local artists.  All of the artworks in the […]

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Interview with Painter Todd Bienvenu

Todd Bienvenu is a Brooklyn-based painter. His work depicts muses such as late nights, bar scenes, and drinking buddies. Todd’s paintings are informed by a great knowledge of art history and pop culture, and infused with a dark witty sensibility. He is a featured artist at Life at Mars Gallery with a solo exhibition coming […]

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Light and Airy at the New Whitney Museum

I have always looked forward to seeing art at the Whitney, especially during the Whitney Biennials, but honestly, I always felt claustrophobically exhausted at the end of each visit. The “New” Whitney will take care of all those feelings. The space is expansive with light pouring in from huge windows. Many outdoor spaces and gardens […]

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Engaged by the Word: Donatello’s Stuff at The Museum of Biblical Art

Your priest or minister may not have told you this, but many religious scholars believe that Paul of Tarsus hijacked Christianity. At one time in the very, very early stages of the Christian religion there were actually two rival groups of Christians (this is even before the Gnostics reared their heads). There was a group […]

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Chasing Unicorns: Mythologies of Progress in American Landscapes

NEW YORK—A+E Studios is pleased to present Chasing Unicorns: Mythologies of Progress in American Landscapes, a group exhibition featuring the work of Annie Shinn, Arden Surdam, Chaney Trotter, Costanza Theodoli-Braschi and Vernon O’Meally.

Contemporary rap, medieval tapestries, New Yorker cartoons, kitschy online videogames, marketing textbooks, and the Bible: all number among the realms of the unicorn. […]

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