Logan Hicks: Beyond the Bookcase at The Mondrian Hotel

Upon making our way through the Mondrian Hotel in Soho, we first had to wander through a vine encased arched hallway, followed by multiple sets of vaulted ceilings with large chandeliers.  Several foyers deep into the hotel we came upon a bar positioned next to a large revolving bookcase.  The book laden wall opened up […]

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Nothing To Be Ignored at Mike Weiss Gallery

When it comes to subtlety, form and texture then Fernando Mastrangelo most certainly missed NOTHING in encompassing all those ideals with this first solo exhibition that opened last March 12th.  Letting the material shine and the form speak for itself seemed to be the idiom of the day and with the very skilled craftsmanship by this artist, the pieces are […]

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Mother, May I Go To Vito Schnabel?

Not every gallery follows the air or current of where art should be going. There are the renegades and pioneers of what they do best. They show what they love and do it well. AF came to the West Village last March 12th for The Bruce High Quality Foundation showing electrically charged and textured works for Mother. The three […]

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Focus on Asia Week: Kapoor Galleries: Realms of Existence

There are 42 different art galleries, from several different countries, participating in this year’s Asia Week (March 13 to 21). Most of these galleries and temporarily rented spaces are scattered around the Upper East Side, primarily in the 70s. You can check out the location of the various galleries through the map at http://www.asiaweekny.com/. Once […]

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Where the Art Wind Blows After Armory 2015

Going for the 4th year at the Armory Show, one searches too hard for groundbreaking art that we never noticed the LCD. Not the Least Common Denominator but rather the Leading Current Direction. This year for 2015, we decided not to isolate pieces from galleries as the key items but instead have observed the wave of […]

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The Immersion of ‘The Art Factory NYC’

As I approached a white building door on a shockingly cold March night in Tribeca, I was greeted in the lobby by two graceful ladies sternly guarding a very short guest list. Adriane Ayma introduced herself as one of the two co-founders and artists hosting the party. She took the elevator up and I waited […]

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Fridge Art Fair Brings it Home to the Lower East Side in May

Fridge Art Fair is pleased to announce that it will present “Episode One: We’ve Only Just Begun (Featuring a Sunflower and a Panda)” as a satellite fair during Frieze New York, May 14 – 17, hosted and sponsored by Retro Bar & Grill and Holiday Inn at 150 Delancey Street. An opening gala on Thursday, […]

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Alicja Kwade: Something absent whose presence had been expected at Johann König, Berlin

Johann König, Berlin is pleased to present “Something absent whose presence had been expected” a solo show by Alicja Kwade. Throughout the main room as well as the south gallery and the small exhibition room Alicja shows new art works that question the structure of reality, the essence of things.

When attempting to describe time, we […]

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On Kawara – Silence – Guggenheim Museum

The significance of On Kawara’s “Today” series could be in the fact that just by representing dates we have to focus on what the mere sequence of dates cannot convey about our lives. His work becomes a type of ‘via negativa’ of our own experience throughout a course of time (‘via negativa’ is a theological term – we […]

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It’s oh so cute at Galerie Eigen-Art

Has somebody really blown a fuse here?

Eighty-year-old Horst “Harry” Winter must have grumbled something like that when he watched the music video It’s oh so quiet (1995) by Björk and Spike Jonze. His often-covered song Und jetzt ist es still (1948) thereby landed in a tire workshop between Fred Astaire mechanics and geriatric ladies in […]

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