Paper Wait by Alison Rossiter at Yossi Milo Gallery

For her current show at Yossi Milo, Alison Rossiter sought out and found unused photographic paper from every decade from 1890 through 1960, and subjected the paper to liquid developer either by pouring the developer directly onto the paper or by dipping the sheets.  Through the chance operations afforded by this method, she comes up […]

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Bradley Hart: Injecting A New Line of Descendants

Back in March 2013, I had my first inoculation into the world of Bradley Hart with his paint injected bubble wrap and the reversed side images it produced. Now with his latest show in Chelsea that opened on February 26th entitled Descendants, we can certainly see that the genesis of his art has given birth to a new strain of […]

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Walking On Delicate Glass at Kim Foster Gallery

No one should throw rocks at glass houses but if one decides to do so and nobody is there – do you hear it shatter? Well, it is a given that glass is fragile and it requires specialized skill to create art with this material. Two artists showed their deft craftsmanship and delicate handling of […]

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No Approval Needed for Claire Fontaine

It should be telling enough when an artist collective Claire Fontaine named after a popular French brand of notebooks had a Chelsea exhibition that opened last February 26th with the title Stop Seeking Approval that showcase thinking art or out of the box work.  The “anti-climb” monochromatic paint panels with paint that never dries, readymade art pieces and other thought-provoking artworks […]

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Do Not Forsake Me, Oh Captain America! Heroes Wanted! Mayson Pop-Up Space LES

The origin of the current show at Mayson Pop-Up Space, at 98 Orchard Street (the basement space at Castle Fitzjohns),  derives from the recent murderous attack against the staff of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. As Ronni Anderson of Mayson explained to me, the show was meant to address various questions like: “Who are our heroes […]

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Maayan Strauss: Seven Sinks at Andrea Meislin Gallery

Imagine listening to the first phone conversation Maayan Strauss might have had with the Kohler Company to ask for the donation of sinks for her installation at the Andrea Meislin Gallery.  I’m guessing it went something like this: “Why do I need sinks? OK, well, there was this guy named Duchamp…he took a urinal…yes a […]

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USSEA Regional Conference is Now Accepting Proposals until March 31st

USSEA Regional Conference is Now Accepting Proposals until March 31st.
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Looking Both Ways at Peninsula Fine Arts Center

Tucked behind the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center is currently housing works ranging from ancient Mali to contemporary black art. Entitled “Looking Both Ways” the exhibit creates a lineage, sometimes cyclical, through black art spanning centuries in hopes of inspiring conversation about the current and past stages of black America.

The […]

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John Newsom’s Sentient Abstractions: Portraits – – – Not Pets!

Magnificent oil paintings sprawling over two-floors of pure white walls enthrall passersby and aficionados, alike. Newsom is known as a well-established sensual abstractionist and, at the opening, half of John Newsom’s mesmerizing collection had already been sold.

Increasingly tactile, you enter the exuberantly colored gallery, only to be enthralled by increasingly chiaroscuro mind sweeping displays of exotic […]

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Group Art Show at Arlene’s Grocery

I have been to Arlene’s Grocery many times to see up-and-coming bands perform. This former bodega turned club, which opened in 1995, has a big following of music enthusiasts. This time, however, I was here for the opening of a group show featuring the work of Jay Riggio, Danielle Mastrion, Whisbe, Joseph Meloy, J.T. Liss, Paul […]

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