Max Neumann at Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Portrait painting owes its most meaningful possible impact to our ability to discern character traits and emotional states by studying the human face. Indeed, a great portrait painter can engage us to draw upon a wide array of previous experience, insights and even knowledge of our society, the world and history, to grasp the representation […]

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Ho’s Are Looking for Jesus at Postmasters Gallery

Postmasters Gallery in Tribeca was teeming with beautiful people at last Saturday’s opening for the solo openings of Ryder Ripps’ Ho and Katarzyna Kozyra’s Looking for Jesus.

Ryder Ripps, described by the New York Times as an artist of the internet presented his series of oil paintings rendered from images off the internet model, Adrianne Ho’s instagram account. These images were then digitally manipulated, […]

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Unique Vision of Myself and Others by Santiago Ydanez

Most people think they got a clear vision of themselves but in reality a deeply nuanced person has complexities that cannot be deduced by mere sight. Spanish artist Santiago Ydanez presented textured and multi-faceted portraiture in grand scale and in unique presentation with his show Myself and Others that opened last January 22nd. AF came to witness the […]

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Becoming and Then Some at Winston Wachter Fine Art

The art of becoming is not only limited to the idea but the actual artwork morphing right in front of you. Last January 22nd, AF came to the opening of Margeaux Walter for her transformative panels that are Becoming indeed. The cool effect of the morphing imagery had weighty messages as in the couple taking a selfie can be […]

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MACBA, to Buenos Aires. Interview with Maria Constanza Cerullo

AF: MACBA – Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires opened its doors to the public September 1st of 2012. When did the idea of its realization occur?
MC: The MACBA project started in 2009. The idea of the initiative was to share with the city and its visitors the private collection of my husband, Aldo Rubino.

AF: […]

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Interview with Artist Ryan Piers Williams

On Thursday January 10th, AF visited the VIP celebrity packed opening show by filmmaker and artist Ryan Piers Williams called “Monsters & Landscapes”, which was on view through January 18th on the Lower East Side. This is Ryan’s first solo exhibition in New York. His wife, America Ferrera, best known for her leading role in […]

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Open Call 2015 at Coohaus Art Mora

It was a full house on a freezing night at Coohaus Art Mora for their latest exhibition, 2015 Open Call. In this show, Coohaus Art Mora is inviting the visitors to vote for their favorite art pieces in the exhibition. Once they narrow it down to the three art pieces with the most votes, the […]

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TAKE BACK VERMONT! Zieher Smith & Horton Gallery

TAKE BACK VERMONT! struck me as a timely, relevant and even important type of gallery show because, among other things, it helps us better understand how social change really often happens in the USA, shines a light on how political or cultural enemies develop and are labeled by each other and how a historical narrative […]

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Masumi Sakagami, Renée Lerner and Judith Shah at Walter Wickiser Gallery

Sumi ink is made of a type of compressed soot derived from burning plant seed oils, which is then mixed with bone glue. It is still made according to a 2,000 year old process and it comes in a stick which can be mixed with water in order to dilute and lighten the ink on […]

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Brad Nelson: Upping the Art Altitude

Back in January 2012, Brad Nelson proved that Even Mountains Cast Shadows where the performance art and work celebrated the rocky mountain high. For his second round, he now made whimsical statements on The Idea of Up. One can say that this artist has the penchant for getting high – on the themes for his […]

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