Alison Mosshart: Fire Power at Joseph Gross Gallery

It has recently become commonplace for artists of one genre to dip their toes into another, whether to expand their creative boundaries, or to, more typically, puff their fame. Established songstress and The Kills co-founder, Alison Mosshart made her first solo debut in visual art with the opening of her exhibition Fire Power in New […]

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Ten Days in June at Muriel Guepin Gallery

Ten Days in June, a recent gallery show at the Muriel Guepin gallery, featured the work of two abstract painters, Robert Szot, and Lee Kaloidis.  Both artists’ work incorporate broad and gestural strokes and plots of color varying in depth and texture.  While Kaloidis’ work is more action explicit, portraying direction of motion through drips […]

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Opening night for Georges Bergès Gallery

The multi-floored Georges Bergès Gallery in Soho opened its doors for the first time at their recent premiere opening.  The gallery buzzed with many excited art enthusiasts and collectors celebrating the occasion as live jazz trailed in the background in the show’s basement level.  The show contained a wide variety of artwork ranging in scale […]

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Eric Roux-Fontaine: Jardins Secrets at Axelle Fine Arts Galerie in Soho

AXELLE FINE ARTS GALERIE SOHO is thrilled to host JARDINS SECRETS (Secret Gardens) ERIC ROUX-FONTAINE’S 3rd US solo exhibition. After the success of Neverlandscape (Axelle Soho, 2012) and Lunar Park (Axelle Boston, 2013), Roux-Fontaine returns to New York City with an all-new collection of mixed media paintings. These new works continue his exploration of the […]

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Bascove/Bridges: Transporting the Metropolis. Paintings by Bascove at the Noble Maritime Collection.

Gracing the galleries of the Noble Maritime Collection in Staten Island is an elegant and moving exhibition of paintings and collages featuring New York City’s bridges.  The artist, known simply as Bascove, was for many years one of the most prominent illustrators in New York and in recent decades has dazzled and beguiled the public […]

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Metalpoint Now! at Garvey Simon Art Access

Metalpoint Now! at Garvey Simon Art Access in Chelsea contains a refreshingly simplistic, and visually appealing collection of work created through the media of metalpoint, a Renaissance era art technique of drawing which involves dragging different shaped metal tools across a prepared surface.  The show is inspired by the current metalpoint survey on display at […]

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The 6-4-15 Gallery Night Roundup

On the first Thursday of the month, Chelsea flooded with visitors keen on getting the first peek at several new exhibitions in the area, although half of the midweek crowd was perhaps more motivated by the cool cans of Bud and Chardonnay tumblers passed around at each opening. In any case, it made for an […]

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Bushwick Open Studios Highlight: Axel Ventura, Paintings and Drawings

According to Robert Bellah’s book ‘Religion in Human Evolution’, biologists sometimes enjoy using the computer terms of ‘online’ and ‘offline’. When some organism or person is ‘online’ he/she is engaged in the processes required for survival – hunting, foraging, working etc. When one is ‘offline’ one is in the lounging around stage. Yet, I’m not […]

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Bushwick Open Studios Highlight: Satirical Animated Paintings by Federico Solmi

So Gilbert Stuart painted the iconic portrait of George Washington we can see at the National Portrait Gallery. And Washington deserved a nice big portrait, didn’t he? After all, he beat the English so that we could gain our freedom and he served as first president. Yet, a reputable historian has suggested that George Washington […]

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The Best of Bushwick Open Studios 2015

In case you missed it, New York’s largest open studios event occurred this past Spring weekend in one of New York’s most burgeoning art districts. Now in its 9 installment, Bushwick Open Studios delivered the same unsurpassed variety, fresh content, and general weirdness as it has in past years, but on an increasingly inclusive scale. […]

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