Video: Katherine Bradford’s Fear of Waves at Canada Gallery

Canada is pleased to present “Fear of Waves” a one-person exhibition by Katherine Bradford which will be held in the main space of the gallery.  This new body of work is an expansion on themes and ideas that she has cultivated in her Brooklyn studio over the course of a long and meaningful practice.  As […]

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Sizing and Other Considerations when Selecting a Party Tent in Toronto

If you are planning a large event or wedding, and you are not sure how large of a tent you need for your guests, chances are you could use the services of an expert. However, in addition to knowing the exact specifications for your tent, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Things to […]

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KESH: LJUS2 at Catherine Ahnell Gallery

New York’s coolest crowd congregated in one spot last week to celebrate the opening of KESH’s first solo show in New York at Catherine Ahnell Gallery. Hailing originally from the UK where she dabbled in fashion, editorial, and music, KESH cemented herself as a visual artist on the US’s west coast, where she established her […]

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Believe the Hype! Outsider Art Fair 2016

The “Outsider Art” Fair 2016 opened last night at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street, with 64 dealers hailing from 33 cities and 7 countries.  Now in its 24th year, it continues to grow.  After the first day, attendance is reportedly already up an impressive 50% over last year.

With the recent Christie’s exhibition “Liberation […]

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Featured Opening: Hauser Wirth & Schimmel to Inaugurate Los Angeles Complex With Revolution in the Making

Los Angeles...Beginning 13 March 2016, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel will present ‘Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947 – 2016’, the inaugural exhibition at its new complex in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles Arts District.
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A Panoply of Somethings – Noah Becker’s Something at Berry Campbell Gallery

Douglas Crimp speculates in his landmark essay “The End of Painting” on the potentiality of painting to maintain its status as a relevant medium in the contemporary era. A searching look at painting’s relative importance during the rise of new media, Crimp comes to the conclusion that “painting has an essence and that essence is […]

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Til Death Do Us Part at Lorimoto, a Marriage of Art

Til Death Do Us Part, the lively group exhibition at Lorimoto, explores marriage between artists in terms of relationship and art. Lorimoto asked nine couples to collaboratively create work for the show, aiming to push them from their comfort zone and create something new. Lori Kirkbride, Lorimoto’s gallerist says that she conceived the premise for […]

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Interview with artist Benjamin Murphy

AF: Where has the main inspiration been drawn from for this show and what is the relevance of the title, “Gilded Chaos”? 

BM: The title is in reference to a quote by Charles Baudelaire from the essay Painter Of Modern Life. Baudelaire is a huge inspiration for me, and this phrase in particular summed up exactly […]

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Personal Delivery: An Interview with Erin Hammond

In a world where art is big business, artists can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the demands of managers, art dealers, gallery owners, patrons, and well-meaning family and friends who all have an opinion on what makes good art sell. Is it just a myth that we purists cling to, this idea that art is about […]

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Mesmerized by “Pandora’s Box” at AFA Gallery

Transposing the imaginary worlds we all hide has never become more accessible, than at the AFA Gallery. “Pandora’s Box” refers to the artifact given the world’s first woman—Pandora, Zeus’s creation via Hephaestus, who opened the jar or pithos. According to the Greek myth by Hesiod, she unleashed human evils and suffering unto the world.  

Coming to […]

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