Interview with Performance Artist Asher Bayne

Arte Fuse: Your performances are grandiose and over-the-top! You’re quoted as saying you are ‘Interested in what drives people. We all want more, more, more: But how much more and to what lengths will we go?’ Your performances demonstrate that point clearly and continue to build in extravagance. Do you think you will ever have […]

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The Fear of a Forgotten Little Place

Of the many books to look out for in 2016, there’s one at the top of my list. It’s called Oubliette – A Forgotten Little Place and is by Vanta M. Black. The author is an investigator of paranormal activities and has visited countless haunted places, including Leap Castle in Ireland where the book takes.

Oubliette, […]

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Ed Ruscha’s Metro Mattresses at Sprüth Magers, Berlin

I visited Sprüth Magers on a gray Thursday afternoon. The gallery scene on workdays isn’t exactly bustling; I was the only one in the gallery, so I sat down on the concrete floor of the main exhibition hall to admire Ed Ruscha’s Metro Mattresses .

With his set of twelve mattress portraits, Ruscha expands upon his penchant for serial collections, like Twenty-six Gasoline […]

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Interview with Artist Sun Young Kang

Nick Rogers: At what point does a book stop being a book and become an art object?

Sun Young Kang: I don’t think the boundary between the two is that clear or obvious. An Artist’s Book is often defined as ‘a book as art’ or ‘a book created by an artist’.  In many cases, they are […]

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Bombs and Dogs: Revisiting Haring’s Early New York Years

‘Bombs and Dogs’, currently on view at Deitch/Suzanne Geiss, explores Keith Haring’s early works ranging from large-scale drawings, canvases, vinyl tarps and objects which were produced between 1980-1984.  The works contain themes inherent to Haring’s artistic philosophy – sexuality, spirituality and human relationships.  This was a pivotal and crucial period for Haring, as he successfully […]

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FLOWERS Gallery Presents Small is Beautiful

The cliché of great things come in small packages gets proven solidly at the 33rd edition of the annual “Small is Beautiful” exhibition at Flowers Gallery that featured artwork in all kinds of medium with the economical scale of 9” X 7” inches. One running thread to consider is that the works are miniscule gems and visual […]

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Camille Henrot wins Inaugural Edward Munch Art Award

On December 4th, at Art Basel Miami Beach, some of the top names in the art world chose French born, NY-based artist Camille Henrot as recipient of the inaugural “Edward Munch Art Award.”

This newly launched biennial prize, administered by the Munch Museum, is awarded to a visual artist of any nationality who is at the […]

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Art You Still There? Five Things from Miami Art Week On View Through December

Many things can be said of Miami Art Week, none the least of which is that along with being an art world mecca for those few December days, it’s also one helluva ride! Below are 5 things you may have missed that you can always swing by and check up on should you head back […]

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The Power of Perception in the Works of Tony Curanaj

Imagine you are a detective asked to solve a crime. You arrive on the scene to find only the remnants left by the perpetrator. They have been arranged in a random yet somehow seemingly purposeful order. A goldfinch alights on a teal gumball machine, circa 1950, which boasts a star as its trademark. The bird’s […]

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WOMB TOMB – the thermoactive human body by Mariechen Danz

The central work of the solo exhibition of Mariechen Danz at Galerie Tanja Wagner in Berlin is the sculpture WOMB TOMB, which also lends its title to the show. A thermoactive human body has been laid out in the gallery space. The body morphs, patterns and structures emerge and disappear, the sculpture interacts with its […]

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