Exposed in Chelsea

Starting since November 27th – Ceres Gallery has been hosting rotating exhibitions of group shows for a one-week duration with the aim of showcasing diverse artists to the art loving denizens of Chelsea. The last week AF came to see the last rotation of talented artists. Jamie Martinez brought the camera and came out with pictures […]

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Featured Artist: Min Ah Hong

Once in a while, I imagine myself sleeping at the Garden of Eden in heaven, dreaming about descending to this world to travel a journey called Life. This peculiar thinking has led me to hold the exhibition, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

My dream starts with His creation, where I was just a clay pot. Throughout the […]

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Opening: American Visual Art at the Marina Tsvetaeva Museum in Moscow

New York Realism Fine Art is pleased to present AMERICAN VISUAL ART, our first international fine arts exhibition of American artists at the Marina Tsvetaeva Museum in Moscow, Russian Federation.

In this exhibit the artists present some of the varied art directions prevalent today, such as realism, surrealism, impressionism, fantasy, American abstract and pop art. The creative […]

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Suburbia Hamburg 1983 Now Showing in Chelsea 2012

CHURNER and CHURNER had an opening for the woodcuts, collages and paintings of Nils Karsten for his show “Suburbia Hamburg 1983”. The works evoked a punk and postpunk vibe that reverberated on the works displayed that night. You can feel the social and political upheavals that impact the formative teenage years of the artist when […]

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Shaun O’Dell: Random Acts of Unique Rhythms

Viewing the work of Shaun O’Dell at Susan Inglett Gallery last December 20th made me ponder on what the artist refers to as “a purely stochastic process”. Searching for what it means, stochastic (adj.) 1: RANDOM; specifically; involving a random variable <a stochastic process> 2: Involving chance or probability. *

Did that help clarify anything further? Not really. […]

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Small Works, Big Impressions at J. Cacciola Gallery

Walking into a show called “Napoleon Complex” that I was bracing for tiny men in mitered hats and tall boots kicking me in the shin but instead it was a showcase of small works from the gallery artists at J. Cacciola Gallery. This short (no pun intended) run and end of the year show was […]

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Opening night for the Emory Seel Perez Gallery in Chelsea

Here are some photos of the opening of The Emory Seel Perez Gallery in Chelsea.



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3D pop Lenticular art By Anil CS Rao

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Featured Artist: Alexander Lee Landerman

Alexander Lee Landerman is an American artist based out of the Midwest where He lives and works out of a small two room cabin in Central Wisconsin. His work is strongly influenced by the environment in which He Lives. He works primarily with wood type letterpress, charcoal, ink, and conte on paper. His type is all printed by […]

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When Wisecarver was in college he thought he was going to be a music

major. He had an inspiring and energetic professor who was loved by the

entire department. His teachers’ wild movements and intense passion led

him to remark to a friend “he’s going to have an aneurism.” A week later

the professor dropped dead from one in […]

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