Featured show: American Visual Art at the Marina Tsvetaeva Museum in Moscow

New York Realism Fine Art is pleased to present AMERICAN VISUAL ART, our first international fine arts exhibition of American artists at the Marina Tsvetaeva Museum in Moscow, Russian Federation. Please join us on Saturday, December 22 from 6-8 pm for the exhibition’s opening where you can enjoy meeting and communicating with many of the […]

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Sayre Gomez & Matthew Stone at the HOLE

Kathy Grayson, proprietor of New York’s hottest gallery space – The Hole, has shared some images of their current shows from two amazing artists (Sayre Gomez & Matthew Stone) and gave her personal insights as well.

 Kathy on Sayre Gomez: 

“Gomez has filled the gallery with elegant and obtuse paintings, from the dark and perplexing “Shop Towel” […]

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Things Get Colorful at Charles Bank Gallery

The Essential 411 about the show:

 WHERE: Charles Bank Gallery, 196 Bowery (Bowery and Spring Street), NYC

WHAT: COLOR or COLOUR…, a group exhibition featuring Ben Eine, Lee Baker, Katrin Fridriks, and Michael Bevilacqua.

WHEN: November 27, 2012 – January 31, 2013

 CHARLES BANK GALLERY is pleased to present this year’s winter group show, Color or Colour …, which features a select group of […]

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Featured Artist: Rodrigo Valles Jr

Rodrigo Valles is a 34 year old, NYC-based, entirely self-taught artist. He taught himself to oil paint around the age of 26 although he spent quite a bit of time writing graffiti as a teen. Painting is not his only profession, though it is his passion. He is a neuroscientist by trade.

Rodrigo is of Mexican heritage, […]

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The Vivisector, investigates two bodies of work by Cindy Sherman: the photographic series ‘Sex
Pictures’ (1989-1992) in which the artist examined the body through mannequins and prosthetics, and a
subsequent series of black and white images entitled ‘Broken Dolls’ (1999), depicting dismembered and
reconstructed figurines. The exhibition will contextualise and re-evaluate the importance of these specific series
in Sherman’s […]

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Franklin Bowles Introduces Miquel Gelabert

Miquel Gelabert was one of three emerging artists selected to inaugurate the New Artists’ Space at the Fundació Arranz-Bravo (2009), and it is through this association that Franklin Bowles Gallery, along with a number of important collectors, have come to acknowledge and appreciate his work.

 Franklin Bowles Gallery (New York) has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with the […]

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Galerie Richard: Back from the Ravages of Sandy

As proof positive that ART is back indeed at Chelsea’s gallery row that AF came to the re-opening of Galerie Richard. It was one of the galleries that sustained massive water damages and such during Super Storm Sandy. Jean-Luc Richard, the proprietor, was present and related to us the details of the damages which were […]

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A Walk on the Wild Side – Wildlife Paintings in Modern Styles

Wildlife paintings do not have to be representational. Some of the most exciting new painting of the wildlife takes its form more from Picasso than the pictorially representative, brightly coloured Cubist cows, for instance, or images of beasts of prey where the form of motion and power is more important than a realistic depiction of […]

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The Whimsical Perspective of Sejin Park

“I found I could say things with shapes and colors I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Shapes and colors dominated the paintings of Korea based artist Sejin Park for her first New York solo show “Won-Kyung” at Doosan Gallery. AF had the chance to have a […]

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Haeri Yoo is Running Out of Control Beautifully

My first encounter with Haeri Yoo was at a group exhibition back in 2010 at the Chelsea Art Museum (now closed) for “Abstraction Revisited”  where she showed with the likes of the abstract greats like Sam Francis, Larry Poons, and Lee Krasner. Her work stood up on its own as I distinctly remembered the vibrant color […]

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