“Close to Enough” by Kyle Nouse at Orchard Windows Gallery

At first glance intrigue is aroused by the dark drawing installation on view at Orchard Windows gallery in Kyle Nouses’s second solo show as a represented artist. The exhibition entitled “Close to Enough” has a magnetism that entices the viewer past the drawings to the rear space where large mixed media paintings loom ominously in bold colors. The works erupt off the walls in a highly irregular but successful format that that creates a whirlwind of passion, desire, and fury.

The untraditional shapes of the pieces generate curiosity in their construction, as well as content. Each painting is a construct of paper and canvas assembled together then mounted on to boards cut to shape. The result is that each painting has no straight edge in any sense of the word.  The rejection of the canvas square lends an explosive quality to his rich pattern, and loud color palette.

“Close to Enough” by Kyle Nouse at Orchard Windows Gallery

John Imad Nasr created an original musical score to each piece that are on ipods next to the works. Nasr worked with Nouse as the work was composed tailoring it to the visual character of each painting. Its haunting as well as frantic beats set a mood for exploration of their detailed surfaces.

Nouse’s second solo exhibition shows the power of the unconventional emerging artist gallery that is willing to take risks. “Close to Enough” emits a sense of originality that thinks outside the canvas box and creates a raucous exhibition of paintings that is seldom seen.

article by Gonzalo Andrew Penaranda