FLUX | Kaliptus | Vincent Zambrano | Curated by Veronica Santi

On the occasion of Jersey City Artists Studio Tour the Fish With Braids Gallery is very pleased to present the works of Vincent Zambrano and Kaliptus with FLUX, a multimedia and fine arts exhibition curates by the brilliant Italian New York-based Veronica Santi. The exhibition will take place from October 12th 2012, to November 4th. Opening reception is on the 12th from 6pm to 10pm.

FLUX | Kaliptus | Vincent Zambrano | Curated by Veronica Santi

“FLUX” brings forth a fusion of the technical brain and the intuitive in the form of new innovative arts that depict the vast and trans-personal experiences of dreams. With the advent of new technology emerging and novelty dropping new seeds constantly into the oceans of the mind, the abstractions of dreaming are constantly fractalling out into an explosion of new diverse realities that become available for exploration when one abandons the senses to sleep and plunges inwards. Vincent Zambrano and Kaliptus are bringing back the raw dream elements and translating them out into the mundane world. The art works themselves vary in style and medium but work together like a perfect blend of opposite dualities. They create an overall effect of wholeness, diversity and surreal futurism.

Vincent Zambrano and Kaliptus are both award winning artists from the east coast.

Vincent Zambrano: born in Manta, Ecuador, grew up in New York. FIT  fine arts, painting, film. His passion is visual art and the creation of visual impressions, through painting and film, evoking emotions and reflections about our lives in our cultural and political  context.

He participated in many group shows NY, NJ, CT, FL, solo exhibits and

entered various film festivals as HBO International New York Festival and Cannes.

For FLUX Zambrano presents over-sized QR Codes framed by bold colored geometry which he created on canvas using challenging ink-printing techniques. Scanning these technology-abstract paintings with a smart phone instantly connects to his website or shows additional paintings and animation on YouTube for an “out of gallery” experience.

FLUX | Kaliptus | Vincent Zambrano | Curated by Veronica Santi

Kaliptus (Born April 16, 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal) is a NY/NJ multimedia artist graduated from SVA with a BFA in animation and an MFA in computer art. Kaliptus is a prolific, multimedia artist who spends most of his time bridging the Intuitive Brain & the Technical Brain to create works of art that reveal the Trans personal Realms of Consciousness. He has been commissioned to work on projects for Marvel, Stephen King, DC Comics, Zuda Comics, Black Tide, Interscope, WFPF, MTV, Prudential Center, Zoomdout, Shpongle, Alex Grey, Sneaux, Orange County Choppers, American Choppers, Barat Foundation, Dalai Lama and more. He is currently living in New Jersey and is a busy, self-employed freelance artist, father and continually works on a wide variety of projects from his multimedia studio which he shares with Creation Nation at the Barat Foundation.

FLUX | Kaliptus | Vincent Zambrano | Curated by Veronica Santi

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