Interdependence: Work by TJ Volonis. Sponsored by The Vanderbilt Republic and curated by George Del Barrio

This, TJ Volonis’s first solo show, deals with the physical and intangible interconnectivity of the world we live in. His work focuses on the dependent relationship between the whole and the segment and the fragile balance between order and disorder. In particular he work with patterns and structures–portraying them simply and in their entirety, or […]

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DIEU(X) In Paris

France, especially Paris, is infamous for it’s history regarding religion (or lack there of).  After attending the preview of the exhibit DIEU(X) running from October 25-February 3 at the Petit Palais, I have realized the meaning of the phrase ‘melting pot’.  The exhibit is a commentary on the contemporary life of religion in Paris, France, […]

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Real Moments for Yibai Show “Made in China”

When you think of the label “Made in China” you immediately picture the scores of products being imported into the United States and the sketchy quality equated with that label. To dispel that connotation, Mike Weiss Gallery is putting on the haute quality glitz and glamour for the third solo show of Chinese artist, Liao […]

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Digitally the Master: Chuck Close

One of the most innovative and masterful artists known for his trademark or rather marked portraits of family and friends, Chuck Close is a living treasure in the contemporary art world. PACE Gallery on 25th Street had the distinct honor of presenting recent paintings, prints, and tapestries by this super stellar artist who remains a creative […]

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numberthirtyfive gallery Has Relaunched with New Name and Show


October 27 – December 9, 2012 Reception: Saturday, October 27th, 6 – 8 pm

After five years, numberthirtyfive gallery has been renamed Cindy Rucker Gallery. AF has covered shows early in the year for this unique space on Attorney Street on the LES. One of the first galleries to be covered by AF writer Oscar […]

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Ginzburg Captures Life from Paris to NYC

The beauty and simplicity of a black and white photograph is classic and transcends time. This has never been more apparent that in the work of New York based photographer and artist, Olga Ginzburg. AF came to her opening reception at Something in Mind on Mulberry Street. Although the venue is not a gallery but […]

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William Crump’s Well Grounded Purpose

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso

There is a constant factor in the life of an artist. Finding the purpose to create. In one of the Lower East Side’s secret […]

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The Artist Entrepreneur: How Technology is Transforming the Art World

Seth Godin says, “All artists are entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs are artists.” With the advent of new technology startups like Kickstarter, Eventbrite and Artsicle, Godin’s vision is getting elevated to the next level enabling artists to take their career into their own hands.

For centuries, artists have relied on individuals and institutions to patronize their work.  To put […]

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“Close to Enough” by Kyle Nouse at Orchard Windows Gallery

At first glance intrigue is aroused by the dark drawing installation on view at Orchard Windows gallery in Kyle Nouses’s second solo show as a represented artist. The exhibition entitled “Close to Enough” has a magnetism that entices the viewer past the drawings to the rear space where large mixed media paintings loom ominously in […]

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FLUX | Kaliptus | Vincent Zambrano | Curated by Veronica Santi

On the occasion of Jersey City Artists Studio Tour the Fish With Braids Gallery is very pleased to present the works of Vincent Zambrano and Kaliptus with FLUX, a multimedia and fine arts exhibition curates by the brilliant Italian New York-based Veronica Santi. The exhibition will take place from October 12th 2012, to November 4th. […]

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