LES Art Walk action at frosch & portmann

Magnolia Laurie (artist) at frosch & portmann

Perusing the work at f&p during the LES Art Walk

Window view into Rooster Gallery

Though in a frame – NICO still rules the scene

More action at the LES Art Walk as Wednesday becomes the magic day for gallery openings at the gritty bosom of Manhattan. Arte Fuse photographer, Deukyun Hwang, dove into the fray to get pictures at frosch & portmann,  Rooster Gallery, and Lost Weekend NYC. Art comes back with a vengeance and looking forward to more great times ahead. As the weather gets tough, the tough will go gallery hopping! And that tough bunch would be us.


Text by: Oscar A. Laluyan

Photos by: Deukyun Hwang

The Art and its lovers roost well at Rooster Gallery

Art is a fascination forever at LES Art Walk

The art glitterati relaxes at Lost Weekend NYC

Michael Halsband(right) on the sofa chillin’

Where Art and Interesting People meet on the LES

The crowd at Lost Weekend NYC during LES Art Walk