VOLTA NY 2013 Announces Its SoHo Location


MARCH 7-10, 2013

VOLTA NY, taking place from Thursday, March 7 through Sunday, March 10, is thrilled to announce its NEW LOCATION for 2013: 82MERCER in SoHo, New York.

The Mercer Street building’s 50,000 square foot exhibition space, comprising two floors and daylight loft-like spaces, is nestled in a groovy corner of SoHo and will provide a handsome platform […]

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Chelsea Fall 2012 Season – September 6, 2012 (PART Deux)

The art life in Chelsea will always be fabulous! For the Fall 2012 Season, galleries did not shrink away from putting on a show. Two galleries of note for this picture layout: Mike Weiss presenting Marc Séguin and Lyons Wier Gallery featured hip-hop art glitterati Fahamu Pecou. Arte Fuse lens auteur, Max Noy, captured the […]

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Munch Gallery Shares Their Latest Installation

Matt Bahen: The Weight of Light

On View: September 5 through October 20, 2012

After a wonderful opening reception for Matt Bahen’s solo exhibition that Munch Gallery shared some installation shots. There is always an interesting story to what happens in the gallery. And this time – it’s a big one literally!

“Below are a few installation images; three big […]

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LES Art Walk – September 5, 2012 (PART 2)

More action at the LES Art Walk as Wednesday becomes the magic day for gallery openings at the gritty bosom of Manhattan. Arte Fuse photographer, Deukyun Hwang, dove into the fray to get pictures at frosch & portmann,  Rooster Gallery, and Lost Weekend NYC. Art comes back with a vengeance and looking forward to more great […]

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“Love and Paint” by Alex Esguerra

Sexual desire is sexual desire and its force, in an individual’s psychology, is independent of the ultimate Darwinian pressure that drove it. It is a strong urge which exists independently of its ultimate rationale. – Richard Dawkins

Orchard Windows Gallery and Gregory de la Haba proudly present Alex Esguerra’s first solo exhibition, with a selection of […]

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“Close to Enough” Mixed Media Paintings by Kyle Nouse

Close to having had enough. Close to having just enough. Close to not having enough. This exhibition references states of frustration, fury, and desire felt by all.  These sentiments are expressed visually in the forms of mixed media paintings. Musically, John Imad Nasr has composed an original score for each piece according to his emotional […]

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White & Ellis: Man Caves and Angry Birds Oh My!

Home is where the heart is as the old cliché goes. Since the dawn of civilization, men had always staked a place to call their own and so it goes for their fine-feathered friends. Men had caves and birds built nests. Making personal habitat a subject of choice that two artists, Jasper White & Steve […]

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Written in the Stars by Teresita Fernández

“I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.” – E. E. Cummings

Lehmann Maupin Gallery on Chrystie Street was under a canopy of beautiful Aurora Borealis colors and thousands of stars as they presented the work of Teresita Fernández for her fifth solo exhibition with […]

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The Fall 2012 Edition of Affordable Art Fair NYC in Chelsea

It’s back – the Affordable Art Fair where art lovers walk away with irresistible deals and great art! New Location, fresh exhibitors participating and more programs to offer as It keeps getting better every season.

Affordable Art Fair NYC will be at: 

The Tunnel, Chelsea

11th Avenue at 28th Street. NYC, NY 10001 

Dates:  October 4 – 7, 2012 

Thursday, October 4 / […]

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Chelsea Fall 2012 Season – September 6, 2012 (PART 1)

Coinciding with Fashion Week and on the annual Fashion Night Out, Chelsea turned it up for its Fall 2012 Season openers with the galleries on the West Side of Manhattan scrubbing its white cube aesthetics to a brilliant 100 Watts that night. It is as fashionable and glamorous to see Art this time of the […]

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