Jayson Musson Halcyon Days at SALON 94 BOWERY

James Kalm, after many foiled attempts, finally makes it by Salon 94 Bowery to take in the New York debut exhibition of Jayson Musson. Better known under his YouTube pseudonym “Hennessy Youngman” Musson has stormed the art world with his “homeboy” critiques of the elitist high art establishment. With “Halcyon Days” Musson shows himself to be an innovative pictorial artist with a tasteful sensitivity to materials and color. Fabricating the works from Coogi brand sweaters, the artist cuts, sews, stretches and peals layers of colorful fabric, and reveals compositions recalling geologic cross sections or the Abstract Expressionist “flame forms” of Clyfford Still. An epilog is delivered by Charlie Finch regarding the latest travails of Jeffrey Deitch. A musical introduction recorded live on the streets of the Lower East Side is provided by Kid Lucky.