Zofia Bogusz: SINK WITH ME

Chelsea Eye Art Gallery is pleased to present Sink With Me, a solo exhibition of new work by Zofia Bogusz. Please join us Wednesday September 19, from 6-8pm. , for the exhibition opening and to meet with the artist.
In the exhibition, Zofia Bogusz presents a series of paintings based around the artist’s relationship with the ocean. It’s the (symbolic) […]

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Opening: Mark Mastroianni ‘s “Natural Wisdom” at Woodward Gallery

September 8 – October 28, 2012

Opening the Fall 2012 Art Season is Mark Mastroianni’s “Natural Wisdom” exhibition at Woodward Gallery. Mastroianni returns to his unique gessoed tarpaper and mixed media paintings he had begun working with twenty years ago. The once abstract qualities in his work have now shifted toward a representational clarity and yet, […]

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Street art from around the world

Street art from around the world by SNIK, ZED1, ARY2 and SMUG.


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Annabel Vartanian and Orchard Windows Gallery are pleased to present Destination: Unknown, the first New York solo exhibition of work by artist Avery McCarthy, curated by Erin Goldberger and John Morrow, opening August 27th.

McCarthy will present three separate bodies of work, Light Void, The Theory of Everything, and One Star, that together create an elevated, monochromatic conversation.

Light Void includes a […]

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Zhang’s Seductive Luster of Lacquer

Lacquer is a curing process that results in a finish that ranges from ultra matte to super high gloss. The word itself evokes luxury, durability and depth. On August 21st at Joy Wai Gallery, which is an art space of note on 18th Street, had a VIP preview of the latest lacquer paintings by renowned […]

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Max Noy Jolts You With Captivating Reality

“The photography itself doesn’t interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality”. – Henri Cartier Bresson

If you have been visiting this blog website since June then you would have taken note of the name Max Noy. Event Photos by Max Noy are what you have enjoyed from the past art […]

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Five Etchings by Anish Kapoor at Manifold Editions – London

“I wanted the sensation of instability, something that was continually in movement… a flowing, coiling form that changes as you walk around it.” – Anish Kapoor on his iconic installation, Orbit.

Anish Kapoor’s work is famous for enfolding the human experience within giant, disorientating, three-dimensional structures. The artist relishes the challenge of achieving the same […]

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Jayson Musson Halcyon Days at SALON 94 BOWERY

James Kalm, after many foiled attempts, finally makes it by Salon 94 Bowery to take in the New York debut exhibition of Jayson Musson. Better known under his YouTube pseudonym “Hennessy Youngman” Musson has stormed the art world with his “homeboy” critiques of the elitist high art establishment. With “Halcyon Days” Musson shows himself to […]

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Thomas Allen “Beautiful Evidence” September 9 – October 14

After eight years in Chelsea, the gallery has relocated to the LES.  We have taken a newly renovated storefront on Allen Street, just a little south of Delancey on the west side of the block.  We are opening the gallery with our fourth solo exhibition of artist Thomas Allen.

Playing the role of scientist, Allen enlists […]

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Eddie Rehm brings his Belligerent Visceral Message to his Hometown Labor Day Weekend

New York artist, Eddie Rehm will close the 2012 summer season at
Circa Something Fine Art, Labor Day Weekend in his Hometown with an
exhibition of belligerently depicted “Instant Gratification Abstract”
cutting-edge contemporary artwork.

This exhibit will highlight the artist who had the hottest opening
summer art show in East Hampton this past Memorial Day & I’ll
declare 2012 is the […]

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