Sam Taylor Wood Red Snow

Angus Fairhurst When I Woke Up The Feeling Was Still There

This month Manifold Editions highlights a selection of works by three renowned artists, from early in their career: Screenprints by Gavin Turk, the late Angus Fairhurst from the seminal London portfolio (1992), and Sam Taylor-Wood from Screen (1997) which showcased a new generation of British artists born in the 1960s.

Significantly, the prints all feature key imagery and themes that were to become classic motifs in the artists’ later work.

ArtHamptons 2012 International Art Fair, Bridgehampton, NY

Manifold Editions will be exhibiting in the US at ArtHamptons (July 12 -15, 2012) and showing new work by Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn, and Elizabeth Magill. We’ve arranged for a complimentary one-day ticket for our subscribers to enjoy this event: simply register by going to:

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