Agent X - Golden Girlz

Sarach Price - The Black Widow

Camillo Stepanek - Union Jack

Lil Dafonte - Dali

Stevenski Brewster - Mr. Pink

To celebrate Flag Day, Soho Gallery For Digital Art is proud to present The Grand Old Group Show with the highest flying art featuring a diverse scope of styles, perspectives and mediums from an array of international artists from 11 different countries.

Colors will come alive with stellar iphoneography, kinky action figures, traditional watercolors, photography, illustration, modern tapestries and world class digital art. Exhibiting artists include: Agent X, Anil CS Rao, Robert Spratley, Ruth Parker, Miriam Danar, Bogdan Szot, Ricardo Fernández Smith. Aaron Cohen, Yvonne Carella, Alan Mildor, Susan Williams, John Arzayus, Richard Resnick, Ritesh Manchanda, Maureen Mcauliffe, Sarah Price, Camillo Stepanek, Paul Conliffe, Lil Dafonte, Stevenski Brewster, Anne van der Laan, Eduardo Cánovas, iPhoneographer Rudy Vogel, Varoujan Froundjian and Katherine Harrison.

Join us for a fantastic show – the reception will feature, wine, cheese & nosh as well as the robust klezmer sounds of The Jay Vilnai Experience AKA Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad Back-Up Band – The Four Skins and sponsored by Crowley Cheese.



The future of art is already happening at the Soho Digital Gallery for the Arts. This visionary place to experience and exhibit images which look far more luminous. CBS recently named SGDA as one of the top contemporary art galleries in NYC, touting its community oriented approach and the first step on the ladder to greatness for many emerging artists:


Check out SGDA’s recent Art of Apps Show featured on NY-1 :


Tuesday June 12-Wednesay June 20th

Reception: June 13th from 5:30-8:30pm


Soho Gallery For Digital Art

138 Sullivan