Caelum Gallery is proud to present an exhibition by the artist Jill Bayor

Bayor is a West Coast installation artist who studied philosophy and religion at Harvard. Her academic interests, including time spent studying under renowned Oxford philosopher Derek Parfit, inform her work. The pieces in this exhibition explore, as she puts it, “A descent into the psyche and the materialization of powerful, disembodied, abstracted emotional forms.”
Bayor uses raw, natural materials such as found wood, wool, and coarse fiber. For instance, in the piece Narcissus the artist wraps tree branches with white wool, except for strange, empty, circular areas. Plant and animal life are merged, while contrasting the purity of the wool with the grittiness of the wood. The artist severely limits the alteration to the materials and thereby maximizes their impact. The result is a group of surreal and gripping biomorphically-charged pieces.
The exhibition will be on view from April 24th through May 12th, 2012. There will be an opening reception for the artist on Thursday evening, May 3rd from 6-8pm.  Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am – 6pm.