Mirror, Mirror Curated by Brittany Prater at AIRPLANE GALLERY

Julia Roberts stars in a remake of the Walt Disney classic “Snow White”, meanwhile “Snow White and the Huntsman” is scheduled to debut in the next month. This kind of creative cloning has become prevalent in the contemporary entertainment industry, and is the crux of the critical lampooning dished out by “Mirror, Mirror” the […]

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Digable Arts Festival 2012 | Monroe Center of Arts | Hoboken NJ

Adam (Psybe)

Colleen Blackard

Scribles & KC (Gnomes Grown)

Ninetta Nappi

Art by Kaliptus

Art by Kaliptus

Art of Kaliptus

Art by Kaliptus

Jh Miller

Anna Ryabtsov

Kris Dulfer

Art by Kris Dulfer

Roland Ramos & Papa Ramos

Dorian R. Monsalve

Art by Martin Cash

Bioluminescence, Baby Zohar, Analis Cardenas and Caridad Rivera

Art by Vincent Zambrano

Uta Brauser

Anna Dominguez & The Melinder

James Cardena buys one of the “Hyperspace” series by […]

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Video walk through of Terry Winters Cricket Music and Tessellation Figures at Matthew Marks


Terry Winters has been a respected presence on the New York painting scene for decades now. His latest show ” Cricket Music and Tessellation Figures” is the first major presentation of new works since 2008. These pictures reveal a poetic application of the geometric concept of a gridded plane, it permutations through knotting and folding […]

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Bull’s Eye on the Feminine Mystique

Ready! Aim! Estrogen! Eva Lake presented three series of work at her first New York solo exhibition with “Judd Women Targets” with an opening last April 19, 2012 at frosch & portmann. This artist from Portland, OR presented her collage series namely: the Judd Montages, Anonymous Women, and the Targets Series.

Arte Fuse has always been […]

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All’s Fair and Affordable in Art

Every April, there is a buzz in the air and it’s not the bees pollinating the flowers but the frantic art collectors flocking to the Spring Edition of Affordable Art Fair in midtown Manhattan. Since its founding back in 1999, this art fair has made its core mission to tear away the veil of art […]

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Technically It’s Just A Photo

Perception is a very peculiar and funny thing. Your eyes process on the assumption of what you see is what you get. Arte Fuse attended the opening reception for Chris Wiley’s “Technical Compositions” at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery on the Lower East Side last April 14, 2012. And boy, what one sees is not necessarily what […]

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Video of: Forrest Bess at CHRISTIE’S and the WHITNEY M– USEUM

   James Kalm presents this program for hard-core Forrest Bess fans only. As one of the most mythic and eccentric American painters of the Twentieth Century, Forrest Bess (1911-1977) exerts a force over contemporary art that is hard to measure. Working in isolation and on a small scale, he was nonetheless able to garner the […]

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First & Only Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art Launches

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City Receives Museum Accreditation from State of New York

Even well after the cultural wars of the mid 1980’s, the representation of sexual difference in art has been aggressively policed. And America’s museums, with few notable exceptions, have been silent in the face of what is now […]

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Another great exhibit in Chelsea comes to a close !

The Caelum Gallery presented its first exhibition of the Spring 2012 season, hosting works by celebrated artists, Eddie Rehm, Holly Adams & Natsuko Hattori. The exhibit brought together raw artistic expression & style. The artists revealed all new works creatively pooling together a very well rounded exhibit for the savviest of collectors to the ambitious […]

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Conception Tribeca III: A National Breast Cancer Foundation Charity Event

Conception joined forces with the National Breast Cancer Foundation for the return of Conception Tribecca III on April 11, 2012. All donations and a portion of all sales went to the NBCF in support of the fight against breast cancer. It was a fun night full of art with a new line up of painters, photographers, […]

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